Earth Goods – The Basics

Located in the rich and beautiful James River Basin in Buckingham, VA, Earth Goods is a unique venture that:

~ Promotes self sufficiency through the sharing of practical and traditional skills long forgotten for most folks

~ Teaches grounding and nature therapy through immersion in the natural world

~ Assists folks with honing latent or forgotten skills associated with energy and healing

~ Provides an inventory of all-natural products that are free from harmful chemicals and which are handmade by our family

~ Offers classes and instruction for such things as candlemaking, lotion, soaps, dowsing, energy work, foraging, and lots of other things

Our tagline, “Good people doing good things for the right reasons” is an accurate and very genuine summation of why we do what we do. 

We all have “day jobs”, and those are important because they pay the bills. However, the thing that drives us to stay up way too late most nights and get up way too early most mornings is the desire to make a difference through Earth Goods.

When folks new to Earth Goods stumble across us on the internet or come by our table at the Farmer’s Market or stop in at the Cabin if they see the door open, they usually have a vision in their head of what it is that we do. Many think that we are only a reseller of manufactured products (no way!), some think we are only a guide service, and others think that we only teach workshops for “crafty” skills. Almost always, new visitors are perplexed when they begin to understand the magnitude and diversity of what such a small group of people collaborating in such a tiny company is striving to accomplish. We are often told that we should stop being so diverse and should instead concentrate on a “niche market” if we want to be successful. Our response is always the same: our definition of “success” is in direct conflict with what societal and financial standards say it should be. 

To us, “success” is educating a family about the chemicals in their household and teaching them about healthy alternatives in order to alleviate the detrimental effect that these substances are having on their children.

Success is taking someone into the forest and watching their reaction as they begin to “connect” with their surroundings, watching as their shoulders relax, their step becomes lighter, their anxieties dissolve, and they begin to delight in the amazing things around them, grounding and balancing their body and spirit in the process. 

Success is a group that started out as strangers laughing and sharing stories around a table as they learn to make their own candles or soaps, coming together in friendship through the shared energy of creativity.

Success is walking folks into their own backyards and teaching them to see the benefits of the plants they will find there, helping them to understand that what they thought was a weed is actually a powerful member of nature’s pharmacy, ready to assist the body with healing, and showing them how to use these botanicals for their benefit.

Success is showing a group of people tangible proof of their own powerful energy body really DOES exist, and then watching their amazement as they learn to harness and use that energy for the good of themselves and others.

For us, the ultimate success is when folks make the connection between all of these things, and begin to understand that bringing them all together results in a balanced life which enables them to move through the world in a better way. As they make these changes in their own lives, they touch the lives of others. Relationships deepen, kindness is more prevalent, negative emotions subside, and the reliance on external things for quality of life lessens. It spreads, and THAT is what drives us – the certainty that whatever benefit we are able to provide to one person cannot help but be passed on to others in some measure. This is what Earth Goods exists for, plain and simple.

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