Being Healthy – A Common Sense and Balanced Approach (Introduction)

It ain’t that hard to be reasonably healthy. Really – it isn’t.

What makes it seem so damned difficult is all of the conflicting information. It reminds me of religion – countless interpretations of the spiritual, with each one of them maintaining that theirs is the “right one”.

Matters of health are no different – there are countless diets, drugs, supplements, gadgets, and exercise routines out there, each of them touting that they are “the one”, with followers testifying the same. How many times have you heard/read “After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, I’ve lost a gazillion pounds, and I’ve kept it off, thanks to (insert program name of your choice)”? Or how about this one: “I’m 108 years old, and I have the body of a 30 year old because of (insert gadget name of your choce)”?

Every week, the cover of the “Woman’s Day” magazine at the supermarket check-out counter sports a new and “better” diet/exercise program guaranteed to give you the physique of a superstar in just 30 days (don’t believe me? check it out for yourself – just glance at the cover every time you go through the line). Now I ask ya – if ANY of those “programs” actually worked in the long term, why would there be a need for a new one every week??? The same goes for exercise equipment, supplements, powders, and countless other things that promise amazing results if you will just reach for your credit card.

I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know – that’s a given. However, in this series of articles, we’re going to be looking at your health from an entirely different perspective – we’re going to be taking a wholistic approach that does not compartmentalize. Wondering what that means? It means that, as a society, we approach things with a Newtonian (yes, as in Isaac Newton) mindset. Mr. Newton viewed the body as a machine, made up of many different (and unrelated) parts. In his teachings, which were a HUGE influence on the way modern medicine evolved, he basically looked at the human form as being mechanical, and therefore taught that it was to be treated in much the same way your car would if it had a problem. Won’t shift gears? Replace the transmission. Engine misfiring? Change out the spark plugs or try the throttle control sensor. That works pretty well when you’re talking about an actual machine, but it is an approach that is seriously flawed when it comes to biological systems, and here’s why:

You are much, much more than just your physical body. You are also an energetic body.

Your bio-electric body is what animates you, what gives you life. Your physical body cannot be alive without it. And not only are those two “bodies” intertwined and connected at every level, but so are all of the individual parts and pieces that make up your physical body. Therefore, in order to be truly healthy, you cannot just treat whatever part is throwing off symptoms – you need to look at the whole system.

And let me ask you a question: What does it actually mean to be healthy?

You can ask 10 people that question, and you’ll probably get 10 different answers, because most people equate health with societal influence, which focuses on appearance and/or current trends in medicine (I almost said “fads”, which would not be inaccurate, lol). Want proof? Go ahead and ask those 10 people what their definition of “being healthy” is – the top answer will probably be something that relates to their perception of their physical body (“I need to lose weight”, “I need to go to the gym”, “There’s a new supplement out that builds muscle 10 times as fast – I need that” etc) or to what big pharma currently has on their radar (“I need to lower my cholesterol”, “I need to lower my blood pressure”, etc).

However, I doubt that you’ll get many answers such as “I need to get all of these cleaning products out of my house”, “I need to balance my energy body”, “I need to rid my cabinets of fake food”, “I need to go barefoot”, “I need to use some common sense about taking all of these meds that my doctor says I need” …

Another good question to ask yourself and others is why do I want to be healthy? I know – it seems like a ridiculous question, because most of the time the answer is going to be something along the lines of “I want to be healthy so that I can live longer” (accompained by a “duh” look), which is not an unreasonable thing to say. However, for me personally, my reason for wanting to be healthy is so that I can enjoy every moment that I have left in this body to the fullest extent possible. It’s not about extending the time in this form, it’s about making the most of it, regardless of the duration. I honestly believe that the moment of my death will be the single most important moment of my life because of the transition that it represents. When this body is worn out and done, that’s all it means – the vehicle has run for as long as it could, and it’s time for the occupant to move on to something else. This viewpoint of mine places importance not just on my corporeal body, but also on my energetic one.

Keeping my tangible body in working order allows me to use it efficiently to get around and do the things that I enjoy in this particular period of time, but it is NOT who I am – there is a LOT more to “me” than just what you can see, and this wisdom brings about a keen understanding for the need to maintain the health of my energetic self in order to exist in a balanced and truly healthy state while I am occupying this particular physical body.

This forms the basis for the series of articles that will be forthcoming. Not only will we be talking about what is important for your physical health, but we will also be talking about what is important for your energetic body, and how to balance the two. Some of it will be no surprise – we’ll be talking about food, exercise, sleep, and the like. But we’ll also be talking about how you can discover your own energy body, how you can increase it’s function and use it for healing, and how you can achieve and maintain the critical balance that is required in order to be truly whole and healthy.

And here’s the kicker – NONE of it is that difficult. Everything I will be telling you is based on common sense and requires absolutely no more investment of cost than what you would normally spend in your day to day life. There are no gadgets to buy, no classes to attend, no weird, exotic substances to seek out and purchase, and no strange rituals to adhere to. Everything that I will be sharing with you is practical and achievable, if you choose to make some changes and give it a try.

If you are interested in checking this out, you can subscribe to this blog to be notified of when new articles are posted. You can also just check back at your convenience, if you’re like me and hate your Inbox being bombarded by announcements. My intention is to post a new article in this series every weekend. The information contained therein can be employed in any order that you choose, for the most part. The only exception to this would be some of the energy work that I am going to share with you – there are a few basic things that you need to know and master before you move on to others, and those will be flagged as such.

Namaste …

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