It ain’t about the evidence

And WHY isn’t it about the evidence? After all, isn’t that what everyone wants – evidence to PROVE the existence of Sasquatch?

Guys – it’s been proven time and time again. There is so much evidence out there confirming their existence that it’s laughable that people are still questioning whether these beings actually exist or not.

The Bigfoot Project isn’t about collecting evidence, so while I may post pictures of footprints (yes, I have those) or video/audio of my sessions in the field, I won’t be sharing those to PROVE anything. I will be sharing them because they are an integral part of the overall experience. This is a critical point to understand, and here’s why:

The “Bigfoot Community”, the “Scientific Community”, and others in positions of authority are messing with your head.


It’s actually pretty clever – they are creating doubt while continually insisting that they are doing exactly the opposite – working to prove the existence of Sasquatch. They do this by setting up dramatic expectations that prey upon your desire to learn the truth while carefully orchestrating a scenario which will ultimately end in “lack of evidence”.

Think I’m wrong? Then humor me for a moment and take a quick review of every episode of reality TV you’ve ever watched, every documentary that you’ve ever seen, or every scientific review that you’ve ever heard. And what’s the standard modus operandi for them? They set up your hopes and expectations with exciting information (and usually dramatic clips of video footage taken out of context) at the start which leads you to believe that they “finally found proof”. Then, as the story is told and the information revealed, your hopes and expectations are dashed once again as doubt is introduced in the form of skeptical testimony, a claim of “lack of scientific evidence” is made by “professionals”, and subtle but very effective discrediting of eyewitnesses is created through the use of selected terms, phrases, and body language by the “investigators”.

These people are manipulating you. They are making you believe what they want you to believe through the use of psychological conditioning. They continually tease your hopes and expectations into a frenzy with dramatic snippets of information because they know you WANT to believe, and then they crush your ABILITY to believe by presenting you with information that creates doubt. It’s nothing short of psychological warfare, and the only way to end it is for EVERYONE to see it for what it is and stop subscribing to it.

The main purpose of this little drama (as I see it, anyway) is that by creating the scenario of leading you to the brink of belief and then telling you that there is no evidence which supports that belief sets up a situation where you WANT to believe, but are unable to. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, think about it this way:

  1. First, they establish commonality with you, which creates an unconscious attraction on your part. If they were to come on your television and start spouting off all sorts of things which you strongly disagreed with, they would push you away, and you would seek your answers elsewhere. Instead, they present themselves as wanting to believe in the same things that YOU want to believe in, and claim that they are seeking the “truth”, which, of course, is also what YOU are after, or you wouldn’t be searching in the first place. This creates a degree of trust, loyalty, and attraction on your part because we tend to want to hang out with people who are like us. At this point, they’ve hooked you by giving you hope that they are going to provide you with what you’re looking for.
  2. Once they’ve got your attention and have established that commonality, you unconsciously see them as knowing more than you do. After all, they’re on TV (or YouTube or FaceBook, or whatever) and you’re not, so they MUST know more than you, right? This subtle little fact sets you up to see them as someone you want to listen to: you and they are both searching for the same thing AND they appear to know more than you do, so this one-two punch sets them up in your mind as being “experts”, whether you realize it or not.
  3. Once this setup is in place, you are primed to believe what they tell you, even if it no longer completely supports your inherent desire to learn the truth. You’re going to listen to them because they have established commonality with you AND because they have convinced you that they have at least some level of expertise and/or authority on the subject that you lack.
  4. They reinforce this “relationship” with you by continually giving you exciting snippets of information (usually in the form of previews of upcoming episodes or trailers for documentaries, etc.) that leads you to believe that they, like you, never tire of searching for the truth, and so you want to follow their “progress”; you want to be there when they finally make THE discovery that will settle all of this once and for all, and so you watch everything they churn out.
  5. The problem with this is that it’s all a farce. The objective actually has NOTHING to do with revealing the truth and EVERYTHING to do with establishing themselves in your mind as someone you’ve chosen to listen to. Why?
  6. Because if they’ve convinced you that they’re someone to listen to, then not only will you believe them when they’re telling you that they are searching for truth, but you will ALSO believe them when they tell you over and over and over again at the end of every episode that there was no conclusive evidence found that “proves” Sasquatch exists, and that my friend, is the whole point. THAT is what they want you to listen to (and believe).

If you’re still with me, you may be asking yourself why these people would want to do such a thing. After all, aren’t they in the business of trying to PROVE that Sasquatch exists?

Well, they claim to be, but the operative word is “business”.

At my current level of understanding, I can divide these people into three groups:

  1. The Money Takers: these are the ones who are only in it to make a name for themselves and to make a buck. They are only interested in seeing their name on TV and taking your money. They couldn’t care less about “truth” and they want to keep you convinced that they are “experts” in this field because that means you will look to them for answers. If you were to go out and get your OWN answers, they would be out of business. You can recognize them by their monetization practices, their insistence on their “expertise” and their subtle use of terms which indicate that anyone not associated with them or another “professional” that they are affiliated with are “amateurs” who do not have the knowledge or ability to arrive at their own conclusions with any degree of accuracy. They will never be caught empowering individuals because this would negate their power (and their bank account). They often present themselves in ways that cause you to unconsciously see them as an “authority figure” through the use of clothing (camo, badges, vests, mirrored sunglasses – think “military” or police imagery), terminology (the use of “scientific” terms, etc.), equipment (lots of IR and thermal cams, pieces of equipment that have complicated looking readouts, etc.) and the subtle use of patronizing language about eyewitnesses and others that they do not consider “professionals”. They also tend to present themselves as very stoic and “hard-nosed” in an effort to come across as no-nonsense “experts”.
  2. The Secret Keepers: these people KNOW the truth and are part of the machinery to keep it from being common knowledge (and sometimes include the Money Takers). If you’re wondering WHY they would want to do this, the usual reason given is something along the lines of “society couldn’t handle the truth – it would break down”. This is accurate, but only to a small degree. People in general COULD handle the truth with just a little time to process it. However, the “breakdown” would occur at the institutionalized level. Churches would have difficulty maintaining the status quo of their teachings, governments would have to fess up to what they knew and answer for why it was kept from the people, big businesses (particularly oil and pharma) that depend on their clientele maintaining a sheep-like mentality would have to concede that there were options available to people which did NOT simultaneously destroy the environment, poison its inhabitants, and put gazillions of dollars in their pockets (the more we get into what Sasquatch is really all about, the better you will understand why this is the case). Overall, these people can be found in organized institutions – government agencies, powerful companies, scientific communities, religious powers, and even high profile news agencies, and they all work together to keep the lid on the things they don’t want you to know about.
  3. The Pawns: These unfortunate folks are often manipulated by The Secret Keepers (and sometimes The Money Takers), and are virtually brainwashed to vehemently deny the existence of Sasquatch. They are generally incapable of thinking for themselves, are afraid of the unknown, and can often he heard uttering standardized phrases such as:
    1. “Why haven’t we ever found a body?”
    2. “There isn’t enough food available in the wild to sustain a creature with a requirement for such a massive caloric intake.”
    3. “With all of the hunters in the wild, someone would have shot one by now.”
    4. “I’ll believe it when I see one on a slab.”
    5. And my personal favorite: “There is no scientific evidence to prove that they exist.”, which is total baloney.

So what’s my point with all of this? The point is that you are being lied to and manipulated, and it pisses me off.

Everyone has the right to know the truth about these beings, but the problem is that when the entire truth about them is revealed, it’s going to turn all sorts of things topsy-turvy. Their existence doesn’t align with the standard definition of a “normal” atomic-based organism. We tend to place all of our trust in what we perceive to be a largely physical existence, and anything outside of that is classified as “paranormal” or even as outright rubbish, depending on what your parameters of acceptable belief are.

Sasquatch isn’t bound by our narrow beliefs about what is “possible” and THAT’S the reason that they are largely unseen. They don’t elude standard efforts to “prove” their existence because they are scarce or because they are restricted to living in remote areas of wilderness, or because of any other frequently touted reason.

They elude us because we restrict our pursuits for proving/disproving their existence to the very limited standards of currently accepted “scientific evidence”, which is absurd. We are attempting to prove the existence of beings that outclass us in nearly every department with a set of blunt little tools that are not up to the task. It’s akin to trying to measure gamma radiation with a candy thermometer instead of a Geiger counter and then claiming that it doesn’t exist because our selected method for detection doesn’t return any results.

In upcoming posts, I will share with you details of my own personal experiences with these beings which will help to explain some of my statements about them. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but what I do have is an open mind, fearless determination, and a burning desire to kick the platform out from underneath the people who are lying to you. Stay tuned …

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