The Physics of Sasquatch, part 1

I’ve always been interested in the mystery of Sasquatch, but until a couple of years ago, assumed that they were pretty much run-of-the-mill flesh and blood beings, adhering to the standard laws of physics as we understand them. I never thought they were just another wild animal – I always felt that they were more human than that, but the thought didn’t occur to me for the longest time that there was actually much more to the mystery than meets the eye.

Over the past couple of years, I began to notice a trend with many of the reported sightings – often, witnesses spoke about the presence of odd lights either before or after their encounter, and there is regular testimony from people who claimed that these beings appeared as only “partially there” or that they seemingly disappeared into thin air. Likewise, there are claims about lines of footprints just stopping in mid-stride, as if the maker of them just simply vanished while taking a stroll.

There are also accounts of these beings changing their location in the blink of an eye without physically traveling the distance between the two points.

In addition to the usual reports of howls, screams, “whoops” and wood-knocks, there are also a large number of reports which indicate that the witness observed something that would definitely be classified as a spoken language while in close proximity to them.

These odd little commonalities caught my attention because a lot of them are regular occurrences during our CE5 sessions, particularly the presence of the lights and the “now you see it, now you don’t” trick, and that got me to thinking. A LOT.

My first thought was “what in the world does E.T. phenomena have to do with an elusive species of hairy hominid?!?”, and needless to say, it took about a split second for that to be followed by “holy shit – what if they’re not what we think they are?”.

And thus, the game was afoot – I was determined to explore the mystery from every angle until I arrived at some sort of satisfactory answer.

For a while, my exploration and research took the form of simply collecting data that was reported by others. From this, I was able to determine that there was definitely a trend of these odd occurrences among the reports. The lights and other strange events weren’t part of every single testimony, but they were definitely there often enough to be considered of interest.

Then I started thinking back about our CE5 sessions from the past couple of years, sifting through my memory for anything that transpired which might align with the reports of others who were claiming to have had a Sasquatch encounter. I wanted to know if perhaps we had been visited by these beings during some of our CE5 outings and just didn’t realize it.

As I mentioned previously, the presence of lights (usually anywhere from 3′ to 20′ above the ground, often “pulsing” or “sparking” and almost always green, white, or red) is the norm when we are in the field, so I considered this as a possible harbinger of Sasquatch activity, but at the time I was mulling this over, I didn’t have any other evidence to support a definite link between the two, so I tucked that away for future reference.

The presence of things which wink into existence and then out again was also in this category – we witnessed this on a regular basis, but unless one of us just happened to have a camera trained in the right direction at the right time, this activity was largely undocumented because of the speed with which it occurred. However, we had spent hundreds of hours sitting in the dark with cameras rolling in recent years, so we DID have some of these events captured on film. But, they almost always show up as these odd shaped energy signatures and NOT in the form of a giant hominid, so again, while my gut was telling me that there was a connection, I didn’t have enough pieces to understand what it was at the time.

Then I remembered something that had happened while I was doing a couple of CE5 sessions alone up on the mountain in the late summer & fall of 2019. I keep fairly detailed notes when something unusual occurs, and I thought I had documented the odd activity. Here’s what I recorded about the events of two separate evenings in July and September 2019, exactly as I wrote them. Notes for your clarity are [bracketed]:

Events at Hawksview Overlook – Summer/Late Summer 2019

  • On July 28, 2019, Jack [my dog] and I went to the “Overlook” around 7:00 p.m. Mike and Mur [2 group members] came up around 9:30 p.m.
  • As soon as I got everything set up and sat down in my chair (around 8:00 p.m.), I heard crashing in the woods behind me and a series of “howls”. There were NOT coyotes or dogs – they almost sounded human. The sounds eventually faded as whatever was making them moved away.
  • At 9:10, I was sitting in my chair and heard noises to the right (which is an open area, with some logging debris and a moderate amount of vegetation). It was too dark for me to clearly see what was there, but I could see movement, and Jack began to react (see video [I have a video of Jack going nuts because the deer were so close]).
    • After a bit, I realized that I was looking at 3 deer standing about 25 yards away. It was bizarre – they just stood there, even with Jack acting menacing, and even came closer over the course of a few minutes.
    • As they got closer, I noticed that they were glancing in the direction of the woods where I had heard the noises earlier. After a few more minutes, they bounded away.
    • When Mike and Mur arrived, I told them about it, and Mike joked that maybe they felt safer with a human and a dog than they did with whatever was in those woods. I laughed, but didn’t think too much more about it.
  • On September 8, I went back to the “Overlook” early in the evening, arriving around 4:30 p.m. As I was setting things up, there came a HUGE amount of noise from the woods on the opposite side of the road. It was in the same area as before, but was much closer and much louder. However, there was no howling sounds this time. It was moving in the same direction as the previous time, from left to right, and at one point, the directional movement stopped, but the noise did not. It was like whatever was in there was standing in one spot and having a temper tantrum. Jack was beside himself as this was happening, and it was all I could do to hold him.
  • I am generally not at all afraid in the woods alone, in the dark, but I could not shake an uneasiness about this event – it was an instinctive feeling, and it would not go away, and I decided to mount one of the cameras facing into the woods instead of up into the sky, as I normally would.
  • Despite being a little uncomfortable, I settled in for the evening. Nothing terribly noteworthy happened, and I began to get tired. This, coupled with the uneasiness, made me decide to call it a night around 10:00 p.m.
  • I was tired when I got home and didn’t download the footage. In fact, I didn’t download it until I needed to clear the cards when I mounted the cameras in the woods beside the shop on 9.16.19, and it was then that I saw what appears to be something, partially materialized (?) standing in the woods behind me as I was preparing to take down the camera. See the pic from Cam 3.

Here’s the picture at full size. That’s my hair on the left side of the frame as I am reaching to take the camera down. The item of interest is the odd looking thing in the trees to the right, which almost appears to be illuminated (and by the way, pay no attention to the date/time stamp on the picture. Every time I change the batteries, I lose the settings and I just got tired of resetting the damned thing):

Hunter Camera

Here is the image again, but cropped and enlarged to show the detail:

Hunter Camera

Now I don’t know about you, but what I clearly see is a very defined heavy brow ridge, the outline of two huge eyes and the bridge of a nose, facing in my direction as I stood approximately 100′ away, with my back to it. If you go back and look at the full size picture and then consider the distance between me and what is watching me, you will get an idea of just how large this partial “face” really is.

But why is it only “partial”? That, my friend, was the big question…

This happened a little more than a year ago as of this writing, and while I was perplexed by it at the time, I didn’t connect the dots until much later, after a full-blown encounter with a GROUP of these beings in August of this year (2020). It was this encounter that finally allowed me to put some of the pieces together and truly begin to understand some of the mystery.

That picture only shows PART of a face because it is true that Sasquatch can materialize and dematerialize, seemingly at will. Sounds outlandish? Sure it does, when viewed through the lens of our current (and very limited) understanding, but that does not make the fact any less true.

The bottom line is that when an event occurs which does not fit within the parameters of our current physics models, it does not mean that it’s not possible, nor does it mean that it didn’t happen. It simply means that we have not yet developed the knowledge base to understand it at a scientific level (or, even more likely – the knowledge is probably out there, but is not being shared).

Personally, I don’t give a rip about whether science can verify my experiences or not. I seek approval from no one when it comes to finding answers for myself, and I will continue to freely share my knowledge with anyone and everyone who can make use of it to further their own experiences and information.

This discussion will continue in “The Physics of Sasquatch, Part 2″…

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