In part 1 of this post, we focused on some reasons why Sasquatch may exhibit aggressive and even violent behaviors during some encounters and how that actually makes sense if you look at it from the right perspective.

In this part, we’re going to be exploring information available about encounters which differ greatly from that – experiences which are reported to be benign, friendly, and mutually beneficial. There are even some reports of humans and Sasquatch People interacting with enough frequency that long-term relationships are formed and maintained for months or even years.

But first – it’s a fact that humans are much more inclined to gravitate toward negative information than they are positive information. Don’t believe me? Run a quick search on YouTube for videos related to Sasquatch and then compare the number of views for videos using language like “terror”, “dangerous”, “horrifying”, “monster”, and “scary” in the title with videos that use words like “peaceful”, “helpful”, and “amazing”. The videos implying negative and frightening contact with these beings will have an outrageous number of views compared with the ones that use language which indicates that there was a positive outcome as the result of contact.

Compounding this is the fact that we tend to BELIEVE fear-based/negative stories over those which imply positive, cooperative behaviors in similar circumstances. Again, if you are skeptical of this claim, check for yourself. Nearly all people who believe in the existence of Sasquatch also believe just about every terrifying account that they have ever heard on the subject. Ironically, these same people tend to scoff at testimony from people who report cooperative interactions with these beings, especially if these stories include claims of sharing food/drink/gifts, telepathic communication, or an increase in spiritual development/psychic ability as a result of these interactions.

This bugs the shit out of me. Always has, and this is one of the primary reasons that I decided to put my stories out there for everyone to see. My stuff most certainly won’t ever be as popular as the information/stories/videos which snag your attention with fear-based tag lines because I refuse to propagate the fear mongering by including that type of language just to get views. And that’s ok, because I would rather reach fewer people with honest messages about positive contact than have a gazillion followers who are only interested in the thrill of a scary story.

With that being said, let’s talk a little about the circumstances surrounding Sasquatch encounters which are reported as being “positive”. These encounters include everything from benign sightings where Sasquatch just appear to be placidly observing humans to deeply rooted relationships which evolve over long periods of time.

In my research, these sightings/interactions tend to fall into two groups:

  1. Chance encounters, usually in wooded or wilderness areas
  2. Encounters which take place on “neutral ground”

The chance encounters tend to have no predictable outcome as far as Sasquatch behavior goes. As far as I am able to tell, you are just as likely to get bitched at as you are quietly observed, and I think this is because, as a general rule, we humans are largely unaware of where the “do not cross” boundaries are in Sasquatch territory. To complicate matters, I’m also pretty sure that, while some of these boundaries are permanent and stationary, others are not. I think that some of them shift, change, or are temporary, depending on what our large friends are up to on any given day. This is especially true since, as discussed in other posts, Sasquatch seem to have the ability to “pop” in and out of chosen locations and/or materialize/dematerialize to suit their needs, which means that you may cross a line today that wasn’t in existence a week ago.

That leaves us with item #2: Encounters which take place on neutral ground. Based on my own experiences, it is my firm belief that this is where the magic happens, and there appears to be a few criteria which must be met in order for this type of contact to develop:

  1. The location is usually some form of clear space (such as a small field or even the yard around your house) which is at least partially bordered by a forest or thick brush.
  2. The location is, oddly enough, usually NOT in remote wilderness. Most of the time, it is surprisingly close to roads, houses, and even small towns.
  3. There is normally a very specific geopathic energy pattern present which is comprised of a fairly large number of lines (especially relative to the size of the open space), which intersect at frequent intervals, forming energetic vortices. When dowsed***, these lines will not only return a positive result for being geopathic in nature, but will also be picked up when the request is made to be shown “lines conducive to initiating contact with Extraterrestrial and/or Sasquatch Beings”. As a side note … with the exception of when I am sharing info with followers/viewers, I never use the term “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch”; I only use it in my posts and videos for clarity, because virtually EVERYONE is familiar with these terms. However, when I am addressing these Beings, dowsing for energy patterns which indicate their presence, or am in the field requesting contact with them, I ALWAYS use the term “Kitchi Sabe” or just simply “Sabe”, which is a term of respect and honor in native language.
  4. If you wish to request contact with Sabe, it is critical for you to be open in both your heart and your mind. To interact with these beings requires you to be free of unconscious fears, open to possibility, and unfettered by expectations. The state of mind required is very much like that of a young child who is in awe of something new to explore – delighted, innocent, and fearless.
  5. Positive/beneficial contact with Sasquatch, so far as I know, is ALWAYS initiated by them, NOT by you. If you are interested in making regular contact, YOUR job is to verify that the four items above are in place, followed by regularly making your intentions known.
  6. Finding a spot on the property which “feels right” and making a gifting area is also a plus, but so far, I haven’t seen that this is an absolute “must”.
  7. Once you’ve made an effort to meet the four criteria outlined above, are regularly making your desire for contact known (which can be accomplished by meditating on it, thinking about it regularly, and/or even speaking aloud about it – I often say “Sabe, come see me” or “Sabe, come tell me a story”), watch for clues that they’re picking up what you’re putting down. You may begin to see strange shapes made with sticks, rocks stacked on top of one another, objects relocated, and even “gifts” placed at conspicuous places. You may also hear strange sounds or smell musky odors that you did not notice before. When this type of behavior begins, you have successfully “connected” with them, and life will probably never be the same.
  8. From this point forward, active contact is going to require some experimentation. You will need to determine what time of day (or night) gets the best results (for me, it is the hour or two just after sunset). You’ll need to figure out where you will be sitting, what you will have with you, and what your “agenda” will be. As an example, I always sit directly over the same energy vortex at my location, I always eat dinner there, always offer to share my food, and I always have a thermos of coffee when the weather begins to turn colder. I always have blankets and extra clothes, flashlights for emergency use, and a clear path to my vehicle so I don’t fall and break my neck when it’s time to pack up and leave.

So in review, yes, it is possible to experience neutral/benign encounters with Sasquatch by chance, as stated above, but if your desire is to go further than that – if you feel a burning need to try and initiate contact rooted in long-term possibilities and an actual purpose, you need to focus on interactions which take place on “neutral ground”, because this scenario creates an environment which supports that. So far, in my experience, areas of neutrality seem to be exempt from the “do not cross” boundaries which are often at the heart of chance encounters.

Next, here are a few pieces of advice, based on my own experiences:

  • Most important – do NOT carry a weapon of any kind. If you are fearful enough that you feel as though a weapon is necessary, then you need to work on getting rid of that fear before you attempt contact, otherwise it will probably not end well.
  • Once you have established the boundaries of “neutral ground”, respect them at all times. When contact has begun, stay in your spot. Do not attempt to get close to them or follow them if they move away. They are in charge and if they want to get closer to you, they will.
  • If at any time during your stay, there is any hint of aggression or agitation on their part, immediately assume a submissive posture, apologize for disturbing them, and move away slowly. If you experience this type of behavior, chances are that you are not actually on “neutral ground” and you need to try a different location.
  • Establish a regular routine for contact, including a unique “signature event” which announces your presence. For me, this requirement is met by playing the same set of tones on my tongue drum when I arrive. For you, it could be singing a song, tapping on a block of wood, using a bird or animal call, or anything else that is unique enough to say “it’s me; I’ve come to visit”.
  • Keep the technology to a minimum. My experiments have shown that Sabe really dislikes IR cameras but doesn’t seem to mind audio recorders too much. It is natural, especially at first, to want to record your experiences so you can share them with other people. However, it is critical to keep in mind that regular contact is NOT about compiling evidence. Instead, it’s about building a relationship with these Beings and learning from them and about them. This is a personal journey, not a reality TV show.
  • The prospect of experiencing contact is exciting and sometimes people go into this with only that in mind. They “just want to see for themselves”, or they want to prove something. It’s understandable that this may be the driving force which propels you to attempt contact initially, but you also need to think about this long-term. What do you hope to get out of your interactions with these beings? Is there something you wish to learn? Likewise, what are you willing to offer to them? Will you take the time to try and understand them so that you can share what you know with others in an effort to dispel the myths and disclose the truth?
  • And lastly – a word of caution: initiating this type of contact with Sabe means that you are actually psychically connected with them. When you couple this with the fact that these Beings are able to relocate across long distances in the blink of an eye, there’s a very good chance that you will begin to see evidence of them near your home or other places that you frequent, not just at your established meeting place on “neutral ground”, and you need to ask yourself if you are ok with this before you move forward. Will you feel “violated” if you go to take the trash out after dinner and see one standing in the shadows? Will you jump out of your skin when you walk to your car in the dark and one calls to you from across the road? How will you react when you go out at 4:00 in the afternoon to throw some steaks on the grill and realize that there is one peeking at you from behind a tree at the edge of your yard? What about when you go out the front door and find you have been gifted a dead rabbit? If you are unsure of how you would feel about these types of things, then you need to give this careful consideration before proceeding. Once you “connect” with these Beings, you need to be prepared to have contact with them at unexpected moments, and ALWAYS address them with honor and respect when you do. “Hello, Sabe – I see you there”, or “Sabe, you startled me, but it is good to see you”, or even “Sabe, I worry when you come this close to town. I will come and see you tomorrow” are all acceptable examples of how to handle an unexpected visit.

Everything in this post is based on my own experiences, and just in case you are wondering, yes, they now seem to frequent the area around my home and other places in the woods that I commonly go, and have for some time. Sometimes they scare the shit out of me because I am not expecting them, and occasionally I will see a large black shadow out of the corner of my eye or jump because of a loud vocalization nearby, but I’ve gotten pretty used to the activity, and am grateful for the continued contact. I talk to them constantly, and will even say things like “Damnit Sabe, you scared the crap out of me!” while laughing at my own foolishness. Think I’m crazy? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. However, if you’re even the least bit inclined to believe what I’m telling you and are interested in learning the truth about these Beings, I would encourage you to see for yourself.

***If you are unfamiliar with energetic dowsing practices and would like to know more, contact us for info.


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