Sasquatch = A Big Monkey? Don’t You Believe It.

In other posts, we have touched on how Sasquatch does not seem to be bound by our current understanding of how the physical world works. These beings appear to be able to move from one location to another at the speed of thought. They are seen in various phases of materialization/dematerialization on a regular basis, and there are frequent reports of them communicating with humans telepathically.

If you subscribe to the school of thought that says these beings are merely an undiscovered species of great ape, you almost certainly also believe that my perspective on all of this is complete rubbish.

However, I would like to point out that my perspective is based on my own experiences, and NOT on what the “scientific community” (or any other group) says is an acceptable explanation for these beings. In other words, when I tell you that they are able to materialize and dematerialize, it’s because I have seen them do it, and NOT because I’m just repeating something that someone else is saying, so before you make up your mind about what these beings are (or are not), do a little thinking for yourself. Don’t just believe what someone else is saying simply because it fits neatly within the parameters of what’s comfortable for you to accept. Believing mainstream (mis)information means that you are allowing someone else to manipulate you. Don’t fall for it. If your ideas, convictions, and beliefs are not your own, whos are they?

I have always refused to succumb to the mind-numbing information campaigns fed to the masses, but I’m not a ” conspiracy theorist” – I don’t search endlessly for who’s responsible for what or who did what to who or who’s hiding what from who, nor do I fervently try to connect the dots between all of them to uncover trails of secrets which could lead to the downfall of the responsible parties. For my own purposes, that would be a huge waste of time, because I really don’t give a shit about the details.

What I care about is the big picture, and the bottom line of the big picture is that most anything you find from mainstream sources is, usually to a large degree, a lie. If you don’t want to live the lie, then just stop believing the lie. These people and organizations maintain their power because people subscribe to what they say. The quickest way to dethrone them is to simply refuse to do that anymore. Do not be afraid to get your own answers, through your own experiences. Stop telling yourself that you are unable to do this because you’re not smart enough or educated enough or daring enough. That’s baloney, and it’s exactly what the “experts” and the agencies and the institutions want you to think so that they can keep you tuned to their mindless drivel. They know that if you are listening to them they can control what you believe. They also know that when you flip them the bird and strike off to learn the truth for yourself, you become a very dangerous threat to the carefully orchestrated societal “norm”.

Personally, being a thorn in the side of these puppeteers is a major form of entertainment for me, and that’s a large part of the reason that I’m putting all of this information out there for anyone and everyone to see. I don’t care NEARLY as much about whether you believe everything I say as I do about whether or not it causes you to THINK. If I expected you to just believe every word I say, I wouldn’t be any different from the people who are currently controlling the beliefs of the masses. I honestly don’t give a rip about whether you believe me or not, but I DO care deeply about the possibility that my words may open the door to free you from the shackles of manipulation.

The topic of Sasquatch, the nature of their being, and what they are capable of is a fantastic place to begin searching for your own answers because there is a disclosure movement underway which has the potential to blow the lid off the entire fallacy. There are small pockets of independent, courageous people out there who, like me, are sick of the misinformation and are working to do something about it.

So if Sabe* isn’t just a big monkey that’s really good at hiding from us humans, then what are they?

First of all, they are a People, and they are a People who share our DNA. Studies have proven that the mitochondrial DNA profile of these beings (which is the portion of the DNA that traces maternal lineage) is a 100% match for human. However, the nuclear DNA (which traces paternal lineage) is unknown.

In other words, Sasquatch is a human hybrid.

Let than sink in for a moment – Sasquatch, as a species, was created when male beings of unknown origin mated with human females, and based on historical information stretching back LONG before Christ, we know that these original unions took place thousands of years ago. There are a number of interesting theories about just exactly WHO these unknown male beings were, but we will save that discussion for another post, except to say that, based on what I have seen, these beings were definitely what we would now define as being “Extraterrestrial” in origin.

We often to want to “compartmentalize” information and experiences, especially when we’re talking about things we don’t quite understand. Because of this, even devout believers in the existence of Extraterrestrials and Sasquatch tend to see them as being two completely separate things, rather than something that is not only related, but which almost certainly has common origins, and that is a mistake. If you truly want to understand what’s going on, you need to drop the “compartments” and look for the obvious connections.

Once you begin to see this, you can’t “unsee” it – the commonalities are evident. Sightings and experiences of both ET’s and Sasquatch tend to involve unexplained light phenomenon, odd energetic anomalies, the presence of “ships” in the sky, physical beings materializing and dematerializing, the ability to instantaneously move from one location to another, reports of an increase in psychic abilities of the observer, telepathic communications, and so forth and so on. The list is extensive and extremely hard to ignore.

Do not, for one minute, allow yourself to be fooled into believing that Sabe is just an “undiscovered great ape”. Open your eyes. Open your mind. Look for truth.

*Sabe is a native term for Sasquatch that implies respect and honor, and is my preferred name for them.

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