Sasquatch Followed You Home?!?

Before the world got a lot smaller with the invention of the internet, most Sasquatch encounters were known only to those who experienced them and the few people they chose to tell about it. Many people didn’t tell anyone at all, for fear of being ridiculed.

It’s only been in recent years that society at large is much more accepting of both their existence and the stories of people who claim to have seen them. Sasquatch, along with Extraterrestrial Life, psychic phenomenon such as telepathy & telekinesis, and similar topics which were once considered hogwash are now embraced favorably by many in the population, despite the bulk of our scientific communities still labeling them as pseudoscience. This is very heartening to me, because it says that at least some of us are learning to think for ourselves.

But even among those who believe in the existence of Sasquatch, many still assume that they are just an undiscovered species of ape who is hiding out in remote wilderness areas. Most people, when they think of these beings, automatically associate them with the Pacific Northwest or other densely forested regions spanning millions of acres. And while this is not incorrect – Sabe* certainly DOES appear to frequent these types of areas – it’s also not the whole picture.

Firstly, if you are a follower, you’ve heard me say it before many times – Sasquatch is NOT just an elusive species of giant ape. They are a People, and they appear to outclass us humans in numerous ways.

Secondly, they show up virtually everywhere, not just in dense wilderness areas.

And thirdly, once they have “connected” with you, they will tend to follow you around, sometimes even to your home.

To clarify that last statement – I don’t mean that you will find one sitting outside your front door like a stray dog (at least not most of the time), but it’s not at all unusual to see evidence of their presence around your house, especially if your initial encounter with them was not of the rock-throwing, screaming, tree-shaking variety. If they seemed pissed at you, that means you probably crossed a territorial boundary without intending to, and that’s an entirely different type of situation from one that takes place on neutral ground and is comprised of a more civil set of interactions.

These “positive” encounters are usually the ones which will result in visitations from these Beings around your home and many other places that you frequent, especially if the experience took place because you were actively seeking contact with them to begin with.

So how do you know if they have followed you home?

  1. You may begin receiving “gifts”, especially if you have gifted them previously (even if your gifting site for them is many miles from your home, they will often bring things to you at your house). Gifts are usually something natural, such as sticks, rocks, bones, feathers, and even dead animals. For some reason, bird wings seem to be a favorite. Gifts will often be arranged in a 3+1 grouping (in order words, if there are 4 sticks total, three of them will be arranged together, with the fourth one apart from the group of three). Stone stacking is common, as is decorative arrangements of bones and feathers. Gifts also include “structures” made of natural materials or even living trees bent and twisted around each other. As a general rule, regardless of the type of gift, they are often placed conspicuously, where you cannot help but to see them. Stones on your deck, a bird wing outside your front door, a grouping of sticks on your picnic table, and twisted trees at the edge of your yard are common examples.
  2. You notice that there is more to the shadows than just shadows. This happens a lot at dusk – you may notice that there’s something “off” about a shadowed area, only to be surprised when one of the shadows moves or disappears.
  3. You hear strange noises, especially in the evenings and at night. One of the most common occurrences (for me, anyway) is hearing diurnal (daytime) bird calls well after darkness has fallen, and the calls will sound “almost right”, but not quite. Whistles, soft “whoops” and “chatter” are also the norm. The “chatter” may sound very much like a language.
  4. Things outside go missing or get moved around. If you keep a bin of dogfood outside, you may notice that there’s way more missing than should be, but there is no sign of a “normal” animal being the culprit, such as spilled food, teeth/claw marks on the bin, or the lid being left off (yes, they will put the lid back on). They will also relocate items such as rakes & shovels, windchimes and other things.
  5. Your trail cams are moved. Most people, when realizing that there is something odd happening outside their home, will immediately put up some trail cameras to see what’s going on. Sabe is too wise for this, and will move the cameras, set them face down, or even disable them by draining the batteries (more evidence of their unusual abilities).
  6. Small animals go missing. It’s unfortunate, but true – if you have chickens, you will sometimes find a few of them missing (and usually without damage to the coop), and there are reports of them eating cats. Interestingly enough, they do not seem to have an appetite for dogs, but there are stories of them killing aggressive dogs who are unrestrained or left outside. I believe I have lost some outdoor cats to Sabe, but I keep a watchful eye on my dogs, and when they begin to bark and growl into the woods at the edge of my yard, I retrieve them quickly, so as to avoid any potential for conflict. I don’t know for sure that my visitors would hurt them, but bringing them inside just seems the intelligent thing to do – it removes the possibility that they could be harmed and also says to my visitors that I respect and welcome their presence, rather than leaving a snarling, barking dog all up in their face.
  7. You may notice an increase in your own “psychic abilities” and “gut instincts” . Sabe operates on an energetic level that we are only beginning to understand, but continued interactions with them or even just repeated exposure to their presence seems to result in an uptick in psychic abilities for many. This can manifest in numerous ways, from just “knowing” that they are close by, to suddenly being able to “read” energy signatures & patterns without effort, to having full-blown clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient experiences, and everything in between.

Personally, I welcome their presence and am delighted with every interaction. They have never given me a reason to be afraid, and as I continue to learn more and more about them, I am constantly amazed at what I discover. I have a loooooong way to go before I can even hope to understand the complexities of their existence with a level of detail that would enable me to fully comprehend the “big picture” of their inherent nature, and in truth, I may NEVER understand it all. But that’s OK, because it’s about the journey, and Sabe certainly does provide for an interesting ride. šŸ™‚

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*Sabe is a term of honor and respect used by many native peoples.

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