What is Energetic Dowsing?

Nearly everyone has heard the word “dowsing”, but for many, the term is automatically associated with finding water, which is understandable, because that’s very often what it’s used for.

However, here’s the interesting thing about “witching for water” (as it’s often called) – the dowser isn’t really sensing the water itself, but instead is picking up on the energy of the water.

Everything in existence (including things you can’t even see) has a unique energetic signature, and just like with water, that energy can be dowsed in order to collect all sorts of data. However, it’s what you can do with the data that is nothing short of amazing.

An example of an energetic map – the spirals represent vortexes; the square boxes contain information about each individual line of energy

Here’s an example for you – let’s say that you really love living in your home, but you dread going to bed at night because, even if you’re so tired you’re falling asleep watching TV in the living room, as soon as you lay down in your bed, you are wide awake, and when you DO finally fall asleep, your rest is fitful, with you tossing and turning and having weird, unsettling dreams.

As an energetic dowser, you can very quickly determine what the energy patterns look like in your bedroom and all around your bed. It takes you about 10 minutes to determine that there are two geopathic lines of energy coming through your room from the outside and intersecting at the upper right corner of the bed, just above where your head is at night. You also determine that the energy pattern emitted from your phone on the bedside table is concentrated right at the area of where your chest would be when you are lying down. Both of these energy patterns “read” as being detrimental to your own unique pattern. Then you dowse for your own pattern (which is imprinted upon your bed), and you find that four of your own lines are being negatively affected by the geopathic pattern and the energies from your phone.

To verify that this is the problem, you say “show me lines of energy which are detrimental to my ability to sleep well” and then dowse around your bed again. Sure enough, you get a reaction for both of the geopathic lines and the pattern emitted from your phone.

Now here’s the cool part – you have the ability to instantaneously change these lines of energy from being detrimental to your sleep to being supportive of a good night’s rest with only your intent and a few words requesting the change. You may be wondering how this is possible, and the answer is as simple as it is profound: we are powerful bioenergetic beings who not only have the ability to affect our environment at the most fundamental energetic level, but also to create an environment that is uniquely supportive of our own existence.

Sadly, most people affect their environment much more often with detrimental energies than beneficial ones without even meaning to or understanding how this leads to them being in a near constant negative emotional state. They believe that they are powerless to feel better, and nothing could be farther from the truth – we are creators, and the natural world will support both our detrimental and beneficial energetic creations with equal gusto, because energy is neither “good” or “bad” at it’s most basic level – it just IS. It doesn’t become detrimental or beneficial until something bumps up against it that is affected by it. The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a similar example – some people see The Mona Lisa as one of the most beautiful women ever painted, while others find her less than attractive. However, when no one is observing the painting and offering an opinion, she just IS. Energy works the same way – it is ALL neutral until someone or something is being affected by it and can subsequently label it as being detrimental or beneficial, depending on their reaction to it.

Here’s a great example of how this works:

The energy emitted from overhead power lines and transformers is detrimental to human beings. If you stood within it’s boundaries for an extended period of time, you would begin to feel sick. However, if you place a tomato plant in the same location, it will positively flourish. Why is this? It’s because the energy put off by the power lines is neutral in nature until there is something present to be affected by it, and how something is affected by it depends entirely on whether or not “the something’s” own bioenergetic signature is in harmony with the energy or in conflict with it. Your own energies are in conflict with that of the power lines, so it makes you feel sick. In contrast, the energetic signature of the tomato plant is in harmony with that of the power lines, so the energy from the lines supports healthy growth for it.

Energetic dowsing allows you to locate, identify, map, and change (if necessary) all energy patterns to which you are exposed. It is also a great tool for assessing your own unique energy signature, determining which lines in your pattern are detrimental to your overall well being (yes, we can – and often do – negatively impact ourselves), and then “switching” those lines to being in balance and supportive of a harmonious existence for ourselves and those around us.

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that EVERYTHING has an energy pattern, so while the above examples are more focused on human beings, that is only a drop in the bucket of possibility.

You can use energetic dowsing to:

  1. determine the best place to plant a garden (as well as individual plant placement within the garden),
  2. relocate an anthill to a more suitable location,
  3. figure out why the horses in your barn don’t like a specific stall (and make it so that they do),
  4. rearrange your office/studio/workspace to support the best possible productivity,
  5. locate the best spot for your dog’s bed (or crate) so that they experience less anxiety while you are gone,
  6. “check on” loved ones who are far away (and balance their energy patterns to support healing and harmony),
  7. find missing objects, septic systems, underground power lines, and other things that are hidden from view,
  8. map out energetic vortexes (where multiple lines of energy cross) and then use them for everything from meditation to creative pursuits to astral travel,
  9. create a beneficial “whole house” energy pattern which supports your dreams and goals,
  10. maintain your personal energy pattern to support health and a life rich in positive experiences and emotions
A “vortex” created by four intersecting lines of energy

The list of things that you can do with energetic dowsing is virtually endless and is limited only by your own willingness to experiment and learn. Most people start their dowsing practice by learning to use a set of copper rods, a forked stick, or a “bobber”, but within a very short amount of time, are able to become a “deviceless dowser”, using only their hands and body to read, interpret, and change the energy patterns that they come into contact with.

This illustrates another interesting fact about energetic dowsing – the “magic” is not in the rods (or any other tool that you choose to use), it’s in YOU. When you ask to be shown something and the rods react, they are simply showing you a visual signal of an energetic process that is taking place within your own being. Using rods (or sticks or bobbers) is a fantastic way to acclimate yourself to the process of energetic dowsing, but these tools are not necessary.

With practice, you will begin to notice that, when the rods react, you are actually feeling the line of energy with your body at the same time – as you learn to dowse, you are also honing your own inherent psychic abilities, becoming more and more “in tune” with ALL aspects of the energetic world, enabling you to “see” many things that were “unseen” before.

Energetic dowsing is actually a path to personal growth and enlightenment, leading to the discovery and development of abilities that we often assume we didn’t have (or that we assumed that were “gifts” given to others, and not just “everyday people”). Every single human being in existence carries the same potential for developing and using these abilities, not just a chosen few. By learning to dowse, you can begin to understand and develop your own magical potential, and that my friend, is the coolest thing ever.

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