Past Visitations and Current Contact – Connecting The Dots, Part 1

Looking back, I believe the beings commonly known as “Sasquatch” have been around me for most of my life, but until the past few years, I wasn’t wise to everything that they were capable of, and so I didn’t recognize them for what they were. I’ve never felt that they were just a “big dumb animal”, but I did assume that they were a flesh and blood humanoid, with the same abilities and limitations as us. However, once I began to understand who and what they really were and witness some of their talents, it became clear that many of the strange events I had experienced over the years could be attributable to their presence.

The connection is so obvious that It made me feel about as dumb as a box of rocks that I hadn’t picked up on it 20+ years sooner, but it also made me realize something – it appears as though I have been in their presence for at least 40 years, and not once in all that time have they exhibited any behavior that could actually be considered “aggressively threatening”. They have never thrown a big fit, screaming and chucking rocks at me, never tried to “abduct” me (and they have had countless opportunities), and have never caused me to be deeply fearful (although they do startle me from time to time). In fact, only twice in all these years have they even raised an actual ruckus and that was in July and September of 2019, when one of them crashed around in the woods behind me as I was out doing CE5 work alone. At the time, I suspected that my visitor was Sabe, but wasn’t sure until I reviewed the pics from one of my cameras and was able to clearly see that one of them, in a partially materialized state, was watching me from the trees as I prepared to take the camera down (to see the pictures, check out “The Physics of Sasquatch, Part 1”). Evidently, despite the stomping around, he still hung out to see what I was up to.

In the 1990’s, we began to notice strange things around the mountainous areas where I grew up. There was a “presence” in the woods which seemed to follow a seasonal pattern – it would arrive in the fall as cooler temperatures set in and remain close by until March or April, when the warmth of spring arrived. Between April and October, we would see evidence of it being there only sporadically (and sometimes not at all), but in the colder months, it would be seen, heard, and smelled frequently.

Sightings consisted of large, shadowy figures lurking in the trees near the house, and on more than on occasion, we witnessed something moving quickly through the woods in full daylight that was in an energetically camouflaged stage, which looked almost identical to the creature in the movie “Predator”.

Auditory evidence of the being included strange screams and howls, and long, drawn-out vocalizations that would begin as a high-pitched squall and fall steadily to a series of deep, guttural grunts and growls that were reminiscent of the chilling howls in “An American Werewolf in London” as David and his friend Jack make their way across the moonlit moors. The strangest thing about these sounds is that they would often move over great distances in an impossibly short timeframe.

On one occasion, on an unseasonably warm spring night in 1994, the large window in our bedroom was open. The bottom of this window was only about 12″ above the floor, and the top of the window reached almost to the ceiling. High up on the mountain, miles away, we could faintly hear one of these long, drawn out vocalizations. Listening intently to see if it would be repeated, we were shocked when, less than a minute later, it recurred, but was MUCH closer. The third time, it was closer still, and less than three minutes had passed. This continued until, 15 minutes later, it was literally in the edge of the woods just outside the window. At that proximity, the call was nearly deafening and fairly horrifying, and somehow, the creature that was making it had crossed miles of rugged, dense forest in the pitch dark in a matter of minutes – a hike that would take a human at least three hours to complete, even if familiar with the terrain, in good shape, and in full daylight. I am ashamed to say that we shut the window and moved to the living room.

The smell of this being was the most often observed evidence of it’s presence. Many times, the stench would be the only thing that would alert us to the fact that it was in close proximity. The odor was a mix of musky animal, sewage, and something else that was unidentifiable. Sometimes the smell would accompany the vocalizations or our seeing the large, bulky shadows in the trees, so we always assumed that these three signs were indicators of the same creature. However, one thing that I never understood (but now have some theories for – more on that later) was the fact that the odor was not always there when we would experience the other signs of it’s presence. In fact, the smell was only evident about half the time.

In addition to these experiences, we often witnessed strange lights in the skies over the mountain, and even down into the trees. Sometimes these lights were singular, and sometimes they appeared in patterned groups. They were most often hues of white, green, or red, and would change in color. They did not blink, but would sometimes pulse. They were always very large and mostly round in shape.

Years ago, I did not make the connection between the lights and the Beings, which I now believe to have been what we would commonly call Sasquatch. One reason for this was because Sabe* was not the ONLY oddity that was present in those mountains, and for the longest time, I assumed that the lights were only related to the presence of these other creatures. Looking back, I really have no explanation for why I thought that, except for the fact that there was such a high level of strangeness in that area that it was almost impossible to arrive at accurate conclusions about any of it with the limited amount of solid information that was available.

The other creature most commonly seen was even stranger than Sabe – it was a light colored being, relatively small in stature and standing a little more than 4′ tall. It’s head was large in proportion to the body, and had a horse-like shape. However, the placement of the eyes was more similar to that of a goat than a horse, and they were not large and round like a horse’s would be; instead, they were smaller and rather almond-shaped.

This being stood upright, on rather thin legs, and had small arms. There appeared to also be two appendages on it’s back which looked as though they were “folded”. These appendages were seen to move on more than one occasion, but none of us ever saw them unfold. We often speculated that they could be wings, but no one ever saw them clearly enough to verify.

You may be wondering why I have such detailed descriptions of this creature, and the reason for this is because it was clearly seen by nearly everyone in my family on multiple occasions, over a period of many years. It often hid behind trees and other objects and would peer around at us, frequently emitting strange sounds and screams. The reason I am sure about it’s height is because I came home from work one night to find it hiding behind a set of 50-gallon barrels that we used for burning trash. The barrels were placed on a platform of CMU blocks (i.e. – “cinderblocks”), and the combined height of the blocks and the barrels was right at 4′. As I pulled into the driveway, the car’s headlights washed across the barrels, also illuminating the being standing behind them. The top portion of it’s face and head just cleared the top of the barrels, as it peered at the vehicle, alternately bobbing up to see and then ducking back down.

As soon as I noticed it, I drove the car straight toward it, through the yard, instead of turning toward the right and parking in the driveway. Leaving the car running and the headlights on, I stopped the car about 20′ from the barrels and got out. As I exited the car, I said something to the effect of “Hi – I see you there! Can you come out?”. At the sound of my voice, it peered over the top of the barrels and screeched at me. At that moment, the kids came out the front door to see what I was doing, and in the split second that I turned to tell them to stay back, the creature turned and fled into the woods. It’s exit was extremely fast and was accompanied by more screaming. The screams were how we knew the speed at which it was moving away – they grew fainter at a seemingly impossible rate, and this was another reason that we began to make assumptions that the appendages on it’s back were wings – it just didn’t seem possible for something to move that fast unless it was capable of flight.

Another incident that verified this creature’s mid-air abilities occurred in early January of 2010. My mom and I were on our way home from a meeting with The Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society (which is now Black Raven Paranormal – check them out on the web and on YouTube; BRP is a great group who also offers chilling haunted tours of downtown Staunton, Va, which are awesome).

It was well after dark, around 9:30 p.m. She was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. As she slowed the car to make the turn onto the gravel road that led to my house, the squarish, horsey face of this creature appeared just outside her window. Due to the light color of this being, the movement was in stark contrast to the darkness outside, and both of us whipped our heads to the left, clearly seeing it peering in the window at us.

It stared at us (and we at it) for only a second or two and then it lifted straight into the air, cleared the roof of the car, came back into view on my side of the car for only a moment, and then disappeared into the darkness.

When I say it “lifted” into the air, that’s exactly what it did – it just lifted straight up, as if it were pulled from above. It didn’t jump – there was no downward movement to gather momentum – it just rose upward effortlessly and VERY quickly. When it came back into view on my side of the car, it was still air-bound, and did not touch the ground before it was lost to the darkness a moment later.

This being was seen many times by most of my family members from the early 1990’s to the present. As with Sabe, even though it would startle you from time to time, it NEVER acted in a truly threatening or aggressive manner. If it meant us any real harm, it could have acted upon that countless times, as one or more of us were always in the mountains, both in the daylight and after dark.

In fact, not only did neither of these beings ever actually threaten us, I have a suspicion that they may have acted almost as “protectors” from time to time. I’m not sure that they were protecting us in the way that human beings would normally define the term, but I think they did interfere with the ill intent of yet another type of being that first made an appearance in the woods behind our house on January 3, 2011.

This being was small and thin, around 3′ tall, with skin that was a medium gray color. Just to clarify – it only remotely resembled the classic description of the Extraterrestrials known as “The Grays”, so I’m not convinced that it fell into that category. It moved with a speed and stealth that made you wary of it’s intentions. Sabe and the other “horsey-faced” being were shy and somewhat elusive, and so their movements reflected that. As I’ve said, they might startle you from time to time when you weren’t expecting them to appear, but they never gave me the creeps like these beings did. These creatures moved in a way that almost seemed predatory.

When they first appeared, I just had a sense that whatever they were up to was not something that I would like, and it wasn’t long before we saw first hand evidence of that.

In the second part of this post, I will share that experience with you and also explain what transpired that made me eventually come to the conclusion that Sabe and/or the other being may have assumed the role of “protector”, to some degree.

*Sabe is a native term of honor and respect for the being commonly known as “Sasquatch”.

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