Sasquatch Encounters – Why Are Some “Aggressive” and Others Not? – Part 3

In Part 1 of this post, we talked about possible reasons for “aggressive” behaviors exhibited by Sasquatch People (Sabe) and in Part 2 we touched on more positive encounters and even how to potentially initiate those, should one be inclined to do so.

Part 1 talked about how hikers, fishermen, hunters, and others who spend a significant amount of time in the wild may provoke aggressive displays and behaviors by unwittingly crossing territorial boundaries, or by accidentally encroaching upon a food supply or family area.

Part 2 discussed my own personal discovery which seems to indicate that positive encounters can be supported, and even possibly initiated, by humans locating and making use of “neutral ground” and the natural geopathic energy patterns which are present upon it.

In this post, we will explore another possibility for the extreme variations in reported encounters. The theory that I will be presenting below is not meant to replace the previously shared information, but is instead, complimentary to it – as with most things that we take the time to truly explore, there is very little “black and white” and many, many shades of grey.

The world of Sabe stretches both the boundaries of our actual understanding and our ability to entertain the possibilities that do not comfortably fit within that understanding. Additionally, the following cannot be discussed without blurring the lines between the physical and the spiritual, and will borrow some elements from The Physics of Sasquatch – Part 1, further muddling effective conveyance of an already challenging topic.

In Part 1, we talked about how Sabe is a People, and, applying that logic to the human race, when you have large numbers of individuals within a species, you are bound to see extreme variations in behavior. Some people are worthy of your admiration and trust, while others would gut you for the sheer joy of it. Why is this? The answers are as numerous and varied as the individuals that they apply to, but if we simplify the innumerable details which shape an individual and distill them into broad categories, it’s not too much of a stretch to understand that people are molded largely by their environment, their experiences, and their genetics.

Given that Sabe is a People, we can theorize, without getting too far off track, that they are much the same – shaped and molded by their environment, their experiences, and their genetics.

We also know, based on thousands of credible reports in which witnesses have seemingly encountered Sabe of all ages, that they seem to undergo life stages very much like humans, from infant to adolescent, to adult, to elder.

This is important, because it indicates that the development of these People may be influenced by events and circumstances over the course of their lifetime (i.e. – environment and experiences) just like humans. In other words, if an otherwise healthy Sabe experienced trauma at a young age, it may very well shape his or her behaviors into adulthood and beyond. Taking that a step further, if the trauma was directly attributable to a human (or humans), this may render the individual mistrustful of the human race for the remainder of life, perhaps even resulting in aggressive or violent behavior whenever faced with the presence of man.

In keeping with how development of the two species – Sabe and Homo sapiens – could potentially parallel one another, let’s touch on genetics. We know (yes, we KNOW) that Sabe is a human hybrid, with the Mitochondrial DNA (maternal lineage) being human and Nuclear DNA (primarily paternal lineage) testing as “unknown hominin”. Since Sabe shares part of their genetic makeup with modern humans, and the other portion is identifiable as “unknown hominin” (the group consisting of modern humans, extinct human species and all our immediate ancestors), we can reasonably assume that Sabe is susceptible to at least SOME of the same genetic abnormalities that surface within the human race, including things such as physical deformities and mental disorders.

We know that the condition of Ellis–van Creveld syndrome (a chromosomal abnormality) commonly results in an extra digit (finger) on the ulnar (outer) side of the hands of affected humans. We also know that there are many reports of Sabe sightings which leave behind what appear to be deformed footprints – often described as having “3 toes” or being “splayed” and “duck-like”. It’s interesting to note that, in my research, every witness account which describes these deformed tracks ALSO includes citations of aggressive or violent behavior. Subsequently, I have never discovered witness testimony which pairs “positive” behavior with this abnormality. Is there a connection?

The reports of “three toed tracks” are common enough to reasonably indicate that they are not the result of injury, but are instead related to genetics, especially given that they are reported world-wide. Are they truly a deformity? Or could they be indicative of a sub-species? I don’t pretend to know the answer, but as I said previously, research has indicated that the presence of these oddly shaped feet aligns with aggressive behavior more often than not.

Taking that a step further, I’m sure that you are well aware of mental illnesses such as Bi-polar Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Schizophrenia, and similar conditions, which are often attributable to genetic predisposition. To complicate matters, many of these disorders are also triggered or inflamed by environmental conditions such as sensitivity to chemicals in the air, our food, and even the medications prescribed to treat them.

Given that we can reasonably assume that Sabe is breathing the same air as us and eating some of the same foods as us (especially in more urban areas or when a “gifting site” is set up), we can also assume that chemicals present in both may serve as triggers for an underlying mental disorder in some individuals, just like with humans.

And not to get too far into left field, but there are also many reports of government officials and “Men in Black” capturing Sabe and whisking them away to secret laboratories where we can only imagine the horrors inflicted upon them. If this is true, it doesn’t take a leap of faith to also assume that they are probably subjected to heinous medical experiments, including a cornucopia of drugs and chemicals.

Historically, we know that government agencies regularly did the same to humans, often with irreversible damage (or death) as the outcome, so I can only imagine how eager they would be to experiment on a being such as Sabe. And if they did, and one or more of their subjects escaped (remember their propensity for “popping” in and out), we are now left with a massive, powerful being loosed upon the world which, at the least, would be seriously pissed off, and at worst, could be permanently damaged physically, psychologically, and/or genetically (think along the lines of a grizzly bear with rabies).

If we were to “subtotal” all of the information above, a picture emerges. In a nutshell, it is not unreasonable to assume that, in addition to territorial or protective displays, aggressive and violent behavior could also be attributable to many of the same things that wound and damage humans – trauma, drugs/chemicals, abuse, genetic abnormalities, unhealthy environments, and so on. If this is true, it would explain some of the terrifying and violent encounters that are reported by individuals every year which do not align with the theory of territoriality or protection of family/food source.

As with humans, I suspect that the number of Sabe afflicted with these conditions are in the minority, but also as with humans, their numbers may be increasing with every passing day due to the toxicity of our environment and the willful destruction of our planet. We are only as healthy as our home, and we’ve done a bang-up job of making our world a cesspool both energetically and physically. Is it any wonder that so many beings who share our space are victims of the condition?

Up to this point, we’ve largely focused on potential causes for aggressive, violent, and unpredictable behavior patterns among Sabe. But what about the other end of the spectrum? What about those whose behavior ranges from neutral observation of humans to overtures of “friendly” gestures to positive, intentional interactions? Would we consider these Sabe to be the norm rather than the exception?

I can’t say for certain, but I think the answer would be “yes”. It just makes sense, especially given that these Beings appear to radically outclass us humans in every department. In my mind, when abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and the tendency to materialize/dematerialize at will appear to be a natural and integral part of a being’s existence, it’s a fairly good indicator of at least some measure of advanced evolution, especially if using human beings as the “baseline”.

If this is true, then we can reasonably surmise that positive encounters with Sabe should also be more the “norm” than not. But if this is the case, why are there so many stories which feature negative interactions?

Above, we discussed the possible reasons for why some Sabe may be “wounded” or “damaged”, and these reasons are potentially the same as for why humans become wounded and damaged. Additionally, humans compound this with limiting beliefs, agendas rooted in politics, religion, social power, and a hundred other things which lead us away from spirituality and deep into the land of one-dimensional egoic behaviors. We then defend those beliefs and behaviors as if our lives depend upon it (but in reality it is only our egos which depend upon it).

What’s this got to do with “negative” Sabe encounters? Well, if you put two psychotic, angry, unstable, self-absorbed people in a room together, what’s probably going to happen? Are they going to suddenly change their behaviors and be cordial with one another, or are they more likely to be aggressive or even violent with one another? I think the answer is obvious.

Likewise, when you imagine a “damaged” human encountering a “damaged” Sabe, how could the outcome be any different?

My point here goes deeper than what appears on the surface. My point is that WE are just as likely to be a factor in these “negative” encounters with these Beings as the Sabe are themselves. Humans reporting aggressive interactions with these People rarely take into account how their own mindset may have influenced the event. In fact, in all of the thousands of reports that I have read, heard, and researched, not once have I ever heard someone say “I wonder if the fact that I was [insert possible self-absorbed, negative behavior/mindset/emotional state] contributed to the negativity of the encounter?”.

This often makes me wonder about my own encounters and interactions. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time or watched any of my YouTube videos, you’ll know that, with the exception of two very minor “temper tantrums” in the summer and fall of 2018, I have never experienced the slightest aggression from these Beings. Is this simply because I’m lucky? I seriously doubt it. I think it has a LOT more to do with the fact that I vehemently avoid most things that capture other people’s attention (and thus creates polarized beliefs and behaviors between people) – I refuse to watch the news, I despise politics, I adhere to no one set of religious beliefs (but embrace the truths found within all of them), etc., and because of this, I don’t have any “first world beliefs” that I feel the need to defend.

I also don’t hesitate to regularly pick up trash left by others in the natural areas that I frequent (and have for many years), I have genuine respect and wonder for even the smallest of creatures, willingly sharing my space with animals and insects that others routinely kill out of fear or distaste, and I work with plants on an level that defies logic. I feel and sense the energy in everything around me, attuned to the rhythms of the natural world.

Does this make me “superior” or “special”? Oh hell no. It makes me stick out like a sore thumb in social situations, renders me nearly incapacitated in a crowd, and even turns a trip to the grocery store into a dreaded event.

And you know what? Despite not “fitting in”, I wouldn’t change for anything or anyone, because the trade-off is worth the difficulty a thousand times over – when someone comes to me and says “I fell and hurt myself, can you help?”, I am able to draw upon the energetic skills that I have honed to reduce their pain and speed the healing process. When a friend loses their keys, I can quickly employ remote viewing or dowsing techniques to help with finding them, when one of my doggies just doesn’t “feel right”, I can sense what the problem is and take steps to alleviate it. I can “feel” when the frogs return to my garden in the spring, and can also feel the emptiness of their absence when they go to ground in the fall.

I talk to Sabe, I experience light and energetic anomalies on a regular basis, and I witness what can only be described as “probable ET presences” in the skies and on the ground. I hear voices that are not my own, and can tell when my grandmother is visiting me by the smell of boxwoods and cigarette smoke. I can walk through a stand of plants with my eyes closed and identify certain ones just by their unique energetic signatures, and sometimes when I am relaxing, my body will vibrate violently and catapult me into strange, wondrous places. Sometimes when I am sleeping, my consciousness will “split” and I am suddenly able to see through my closed eyelids, often leaving my bed and going elsewhere, sometimes just simply following above a car as it travels along winding roads in the darkness, and other times seeing things that cannot possibly be from this realm.

These things are not unique to me – they lie as potential in every single human being that exists. The only difference between me and someone else is the fact that I explore this potential in virtually every waking moment, seeing what it has to offer, where it can take me, and doing my damnedest to hone it as best I can in whatever time I have on this plane.

And what does this strange existence have to do with my positive encounters with Sabe? Everything, so far as I can tell. Contact with these Beings isn’t only about “neutral ground” – it’s about “common ground”, and I firmly believe that the energetic place which I occupy – the unique energetic vibration which I have created through years and years of these explorations – gets me a little closer to the frequency of Sabe and other Extraterrestrial/Interdimensional Beings. Am I on their level? Again – oh HELL no – I doubt that I’m even within sight of their neighborhood, but I’d like to think that my intense interest and tireless exploration has raised my own frequency just enough to make me at least tolerable for them, and maybe that’s why they see fit to visit with me from time to time. 🙂

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