Spring 2021 Update

Greetings, All!

Yep, it’s been a while – I think the last post I made here was in November 2020. The last 4 months have been some of the most difficult I have ever experienced, and it became necessary for me to turn inward just to get through. Things are not really that much improved as I write this, but I am, and I am climbing back into the saddle, picking up where I left off with my projects, research, and the ever-present desire to share with others. I’m a very private person, so that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Onward!

So what’s new and noteworthy? Here are a few things that I’m pretty excited about:

CE5 Outings for This Year:

Group CE5 outings have been scheduled and posted for 2021, April thru October. These are open to ANYONE who would like to go, are free, and include an optional mini-workshop called “Energy 101”. For details or to sign up, click here.

Classes from The BioEnergetics Academy:

Last year, we launched The BioEnergetics Academy, a platform for remote learning that will eventually be populated with on-demand classes which cover topics related to healing with plants, development of your energetic potential, energetic dowsing, and similar subjects. I currently have 2 classes which are in production and will be available for pre-order the last of March/first part of April. Other classes will be added as soon thereafter as possible. For more info, click here.

A Book is in the Works!

I think this is the announcement that I am more excited about than any other. I have ALWAYS wanted to write a book about the energetic world, but the topic is so vast that it’s difficult to wrestle the subject into a concise format – every time that I have tried, I ended up with a sprawling mass of unruly information that refused to be tamed.

And then, a few nights ago, and I was struggling to fall into sleep (sleep has not come easy lately), I was floating in that “twilight space” just past wakefulness – it’s one of my favorite places to be, because I get to see all kinds of cool stuff there – and out of nowhere, this book comes flying up in front of me. The cover was beautiful, like deep space, with hues of blue, pink & purple swirling across a background of brilliant stars, and the title, in mystical-looking script, was “The Magic of YOU”.

In an instant, I knew the content of the book was not like my long-winded and rather technical previous attempts at writing this tome. It was simple, lighthearted, and very practical. It was full of delightful experiments, exercises, and games that readers of every age could engage in as a means to discover their wondrous energetic potential. The information that I had always longed to share had morphed from thousands and thousands of words on hundreds and hundreds of pages to brightly colored pictures, magical illustrations, and simple exercises in energetic exploration that could lead every reader down a mystical path of discovery, regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or culture.

You may be wondering how, given the diversity of people, beliefs, and culture on our planet, a single book could be appropriate for EVERYONE seeking the truth of their nature, and while the answer to that is very, very simple, I will leave that for another time.

Updates on this wonderful book can be found here on the blog as we as on our website. The next scheduled update is April 5. Stay tuned!

The Bigfoot Project:

As many of you are aware, something amazing occurred last August (2020) which sparked me to create The Bigfoot Project.

After encountering a group of the Big People (whom I more frequently refer to as Sabe), I felt the need to explore the truth of what was going on, not only here in my little corner of the world, but globally.

I set up an 8-week schedule for exploration in September/October/November, but was thwarted after only a few excursions because of the approach of hunting season and the local fellows bringing their dogs into the woods everywhere I went. I didn’t think about this when I set up my schedule (but should have), and then when things in my world began to get really, really difficult, I put the Project on hold, but kept plugging along with my research in the background.

At the time, I was really bummed about that, but in hindsight, I am grateful, as the hiatus allowed me to gain a better understanding of what is going on. If I had been immersed in the Project during that time, I most certainly would not have had the opportunity for expanding my experiences and knowledge in the way that I have, so my perspective on the Project has changed a little, and most certainly for the better.

Watch for updates, as The Bigfoot Project will be taking off again!

And thus concludes my updates for the present time. I am glad to be among you once again!

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