The Magic of You

I am so excited – I’ve been working on my new book – The Magic of You – during the past few weeks, and it’s really starting to take shape. What’s interesting is that it’s also morphing – when I began this journey, I had a good idea of what I wanted it to be, but as it emerges, it has taken on a certain level of independence, as if it desires to define it’s own existence. And that’s really cool, a magical process in and of itself. I may be the one writing it down, but the information flows as if it’s coming from a much bigger place than the small space between my ears, supporting the reason for writing this book to begin with – we are capable of tapping into things well beyond the boundaries of our physical selves.

My intention is to share parts and pieces of the book with you as they take shape. Posted information will be in first draft form, and I welcome comments and suggestions to make it better. I am also seeking to gather a group of folks willing to review and comment on chapters as they become available. This “Review Tribe” will receive free copies of the completed book in exchange for their efforts. If you are interested in signing up for this, please email me.

Below is the first draft of the book’s introduction. Let me know what you think!


I have dreamt of writing this book for over thirty years. Parts of it have always been crystal clear in my mind, but much of it had the tendency to become extremely uncooperative when I would try to wrestle it onto the written page. Little bits of what I was trying to convey would stick to the paper in messy, unattractive blobs while the rest of it scampered away, refusing to be captured and organized into a rational, coherent whole.

Much like attempting to nail Jell-O to a tree.

Part of the problem with putting pen to paper has always been the expansive and unbounded nature of my message. I live as a spiritual, energetic being who is having a physical experience rather than as a physical being who occasionally has a spiritual experience, and that type of existence can be a little hard to describe succinctly. I am also a spiritual nomad, so I do not subscribe to any particular beliefs, traditions, or cultural norms which would provide a nice, neat contextual handhold that the average reader could grab onto while picking up what I was putting down.

In other words, I had tasked myself with sharing some pretty incredible information about the truth of our spiritual nature in such a way that it could be easily understood and ultimately put to good use, while deliberately avoiding an accompanying frame of reference from any mainstream or traditional belief system for ease of reference. Talk about a tall order to fill.

Why make it so damned difficult?

Because belief systems, regardless of origin, age, message, or tradition, are, by their very nature, limiting. Even the most forward-thinking, unconventional, “come as you are” religions still limit the spiritual growth of their followers by varying degrees, mainly because “God” is still “out there” somewhere, rather than a permanent resident “in here”. We are told that we are imperfect, lowly, sinning creatures and that we must “reach out to God” or “ask for forgiveness” or “accept Jesus into our hearts” before we can be whole and deserving.

The notion of Divinity is a sound and truthful one, but the fear-based, guilt-ridden, confidence-busting teachings are a load of horseshit.

I don’t want you to be limited. I want you to explore and experience the magic of who and what you really are to it’s fullest potential, and then I want you to see that same magic in everyone and everything around you. If we could all do this, even just a little bit, we could change the world dramatically, in very short order.

As you may have guessed, the information contained within these pages is not meant to be viewed through the lens of belief, whether it be religious, cultural, societal, traditional, political, or any other construct of egoic humanity. It exists well beyond the limitations of belief, effectively leveling the playing field for everything and everyone. That being said, you don’t have to abandon your beliefs to make use of what I’m going to show you – it is not in conflict with anything of a truly Divine nature, but depending on your own personal traditions, it may be in opposition to some of the teachings that you are familiar with, especially anything that is rooted in guilt, fear, unworthiness, sin, or intolerance of others. If you choose to follow me down this path, be prepared to have your beliefs challenged, and ultimately altered.

That brings me to a couple of questions that I would like for you to carefully consider:

Are your beliefs truly your own? If not, who do they belong to?

For most, their first answer is going to be “of course they are mine!”. However, if you were not open to at least some measure of alternative thinking, you wouldn’t be reading this book, so you’re obviously courageous enough for the next question:

These beliefs that you insist are your own, where did you get them from?

Think carefully before you answer.

How many of your beliefs (and your behaviors based on those beliefs) were instilled by the influence of others? Your parents? Your church? Your political party? Your friends?

We tend to adopt our beliefs over the course of our lifetime, our egoic selves hard at work in the background, building a nice strong foundation of unshakable values and principles, knitted together from our own brand of daily societal immersion. We’re not born with these beliefs, they are fabricated, piece by piece, from cultural influences outside of ourselves. And yet we think they are our own.

Every religion in the world thinks that their belief system and tradition is the one that “got it right” and all the others are wrong. Many years ago, I found this fact utterly fascinating and decided to look for a “common denominator” between them, distilling each of them by throwing out any teaching that was obviously the result of human egos and agendas, discarding complicated rituals, and simplifying their message as best I could.

The result was stunning. The common message was to love the Divine, love others, and learn Truth, regardless of the language it was written in.

It was painfully obvious that the enormous conflicts generated by differences in belief systems are the result of humans imposing their own agendas. There’s nothing to argue about if the message is simply “love the Divine, love others, and learn Truth”. It’s a universal message without boundaries.

Did you notice that “Truth” is written with a capital “T”? There’s a reason for that. There are two kinds of truth – Truth, and everything else. “Everything else” is what I call “transient truths”. Transient truths are based on perception. Truth, with the Capital “T”, is universal and does not change.

“Transient truths” are subject to time, our personal development, and our particular view at any given point in our lives. As I write this, I’m looking out my window, and it’s raining. That is the truth of the weather from my vantage point, at this precise moment. With time, or with a change in location, it will cease to be true. That doesn’t make it UN-true, it just makes it a transient truth.

That’s a simple example which also applies to much more complex instances. How many things in your life have been like this? Things that, at one time, were unshakable truths to you, but which turned out to be transient in nature? Sometimes we chastise ourselves for believing so strongly that something was undeniably true when we look back on it, feeling foolish for our naivety, or angry and hurt that what we believed became an un-truth. There is no need for this. Transient truths are one of our teachers. They have the potential to propel us forward and school us in personal development if we take advantage of them rather than getting mired down in the negative emotions that often arise in their presence. Transient truths pave the way to Universal Truth.

The Big T – Truth – does not yield to changes in perception or the passage of time. It doesn’t care who you are, where you are, or what cocoon of beliefs you have wrapped yourself in. It’s existence is not dependent upon your acknowledgement of it or your faith in it. It does not falter in the presence of disbelief and skepticism, nor does it require weekly sermons to perpetuate it’s existence. It is older than time, it is the origin of Divinity, and the source of all life. It has many names – Chi, Prana, God, Allah, among thousands of others – but once again, these names come with cultural influences that are not helpful when one is seeking Truth. I call it “energetic consciousness”. You can call it whatever you want. Your name for it isn’t of the least importance, so long as you understand what it really is.

At this point, you may be doing a bit of eye-rolling or huffing because you think this book is going to be a regurgitation of platitudes seen a thousand times before.

Before you decide that you’ve been duped and toss this aside in disgust, let me ask you something: When was the last time that you attended a church service where they actually took you by the hand and showed you that God resides within you rather than perpetuating the myth that He is “out there”?

If you’re not a church-goer, that’s ok because I have another one for you: when was the last time that you attended a workshop, read a book, or watched a YouTube video that promised to show you, once and for all, how to develop your psychic abilities, remote view, talk with spirits, or other, similar skill set? What happened? I’m guessing that since you’re reading this, the answer is that the results fell short of what you had hoped.

You may be wondering how the two are connected – what does going to church have to do with YouTube videos on psychic development? The answer is “everything”. If you strip away all of the imposed connotations associated with each, you are left with the basis of both: energetic consciousness.

Energetic consciousness is the seat of Divinity, the source of all abilities beyond the five physical senses, and the proverbial Keys to the Kingdom. It runs through every part of you, a powerhouse of unbelievable potential, just waiting to be discovered, remembered, and utilized.

So what exactly am I promising you here? You and I have entered into an agreement – you’re reading this with the intention of getting something out of it, and I wrote it for you so that you could do exactly that.

But what is it that I am delivering, and you are receiving? And what will you do with it once you have it?

Let’s start with my part of the agreement and the deliverables.

Within these pages, I am sharing with you 50+ years of experiential learning, distilled into portion-sized pieces that have practical and tangible applications for your own spiritual evolution. Each of these pieces act as a foundation for the next, so it is recommended to read the chapters in order and explore the games and exercises in sequence.

For the most part, my mistakes, my regrets, my confusion, my bewilderment, and my frustrations thus far in the journey were left on the cutting room floor. However, I allowed some of them to remain, because I want you to understand that I am just like you, and you are just like me. I didn’t get here in a white chariot with a silver spoon stuck in my mouth; I dug, scratched, kicked, and clawed my way up this mountain. Sometimes I got so sick of the whole thing that I turned my back on it and marched away like a toddler having a tantrum. More than once, I (literally) stood in the forest and screamed at the sky “what do you want from me?!?” I made mistakes, I made false assumptions, and when sharing what I had learned, I occasionally told people things that later turned out to be wrong.

That last one – that’s a doozy, and it’s the primary reason that this book never came to fruition before now. Having to face the fact that I would occasionally tell people things that later turned out to be wrong was devastating. My entire life has been dedicated to this exploration and helping others find their way to this path. People trusted me when I told them things and showed them things, and I took that responsibility very seriously, so when I would realize that I had told someone something that I later learned was inaccurate or downright wrong, I was horrified, and felt like the worst kind of failure. I felt like I had no right to share what I knew with anyone for fear that I could be mis-guiding them or causing them harm. So I withdrew, vowing to continue this journey solo. I told myself that I did this to protect others from being misinformed and rationalizing that, if I could find my way alone, then so could they.

But the real reason was a thinly veiled attempt to avert the inevitable – that as we learn, we make mistakes. I wasn’t afraid of making my own mistakes in secrecy, but I was terrified at the prospect of having to say to someone, once again, “I’m sorry, what I told you was wrong”.

The real kicker came when I understood WHY I was afraid to have to say that. It wasn’t because my ego was averse to being humbled into making a simple apology, it was because I had inadvertently and unconsciously begun to view myself as something of an “expert” on this topic, as had my “students”, and when you are an expert, you elevate yourself into a position where you pretty much know all there is to know. Experts don’t give out incorrect information. Experts don’t have to say “forget what I told you; it was wrong”. Experts don’t make mistakes if they want to be respected and taken seriously.

And then I realized something else – being an “expert” meant that there was no room for growth, because the only way to grow is by making mistakes as we learn.

You see, this is a process. A learning process, and the only way we learn anything is through our mistakes. Trust me on this – you have never in your lifetime learned a damned thing by being happy. The only time you have actually learned anything was when you were faced with adversity, when you were challenged, when it was okay to make mistakes.

So I demoted myself from “expert” to “beginner”, because when you are looking through the eyes of a beginner, anything is possible. All the doors are open, and there is unlimited potential. This is where I wanted to be – perpetually standing at the edge of possibility, linked arm in arm with those courageous souls who were not afraid to accompany me.

Does that mean that some of the things I am going to tell you in this book will turn out to be inaccurate or wrong as we move forward in growth? You can bet your sweet ass they will be. However, that’s okay, because we are in this together. We are learning together, we are making mistakes together, and we are walking each other home as we do it.

So what about your part of the agreement? Ultimately, that is up to you to define, but I will tell you this: what you get out of this is wholly dependent upon what you put into it. If you skim the chapters, play with a couple of the exercises that look kinda cool, and then move on to the next thing that catches your eye, you’d be better off to spend your money on a nice breakfast than on this book. However, if you can put up with my occasional snarkiness, and you’re willing to dedicate a little time and effort to Truth, I can promise you that life as you know it will change. If you’re willing to put in a whole lot of time and effort, building your own explorations and experiences upon what I can teach you in this book, the possibilities are endless. The choice is yours.

And as you explore, don’t keep this stuff a secret – share it with everyone you know. Let them discover for themselves what magic lies within.

Now let’s go get into some really cool shit.

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