Update – The Potential False Flag of Disclosure

When I posted “The Potential False Flag of Disclosure” on April 15, it didn’t take long until I received a few cautionary suggestions from well-meaning folks who thought I might want to tone down the rawness and predictions in that post in the interest of staying a little farther beneath the radar. In “real life”, I work with some very professional, very influential people as my source of income, and people that care about me were concerned that my livelihood may be negatively impacted should these folks catch wind of my convictions regarding disclosure and extraterrestrial life.

My response was “this is far more important than my income”, and I meant it. That post remains as written, and this one won’t be any less controversial.

In that post, I made a couple of predictions and said the following:

“…So here’s what I think is going to happen, and it’s some scary shit:

I think that the government/military WILL release that report as required (in fact, the CIA has already released around 3,000 pages of classified information in response to the IAA), and it will disclose that yes, ET’s exist. However, the spin is going to be that they are a threat (remember the title  … “Advanced Aerial Threats”), and I think one or more government agencies will provide “proof”  of this threat by way of testimony or maybe even video footage of some sort of “attack”.

That’s the setup; now for the swing:

As soon as everyone is scared shitless by this information, the “False Flag” will come into play. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it essentially means to conduct an operation (usually militaristic and hostile) while disguising the identity of the acting party in such a way that an innocent party appears to be the initiator of the event, with the intent of convicting and punishing said innocent party, to the benefit of the acting party. Here’s a real example for you:

On the night of the 31st of August 1939, several covert Nazi operatives dressed as Polish soldiers stormed the Gleiwitz radio tower on the Germany-Poland border. They broadcast a short anti-German message in Polish before leaving. The soldiers left behind the bodies of a pro-Polish German farmer and several unidentifiable Dachau concentration camp prisoners. The farmer and the prisoners had been murdered and dressed up in German uniforms. The attack was part of a series of covert actions along the Polish border that the Nazis would use to justify Germany’s attack on Poland the following day. Gleiwitz was a classic ‘false flag’ operation.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, figuring out the “False Flag” in this scenario is a no-brainer: the government/military will stage an “attack”, most certainly against the United States, and will employ the crafts that they have reverse engineered to deliver the destruction. To the majority of the American public and the world, the attack will appear to have been made by Extraterrestrials.

This accomplishes two things:

1) It justifies the trillions of tax payer dollars funneled into secret programs as well as the lies and secrecy. We will be told “yes, we knew about the ET’s and yes, we spent your money, and yes, we kept it secret, but we did it to protect YOU, because we knew they were a threat, and now look what they’ve done!”

2) This “threat” will quickly be made global – all the “superpowers” will conveniently forget their differences in a historic decision to come together in a unified front against the “foreign enemy”, because it’s one thing to squabble amongst yourselves, but when an outside threat emerges,  it only makes sense to stand in unity against it.

This is, of course, total bullshit.

It’s an agenda, and the purpose of the agenda is to create a “one world government” in which the most powerful “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) of the current time become even MORE powerful, not just having dominion over their respective countries, but of the entire globe.

If you value your independence, your freedom, and the ability to think for yourself, then open your eyes. The only way to stop this is to refuse to be a pawn in the play…”

I’ll admit it – at face value, it sounds like conspiracy and paranoia, but if you have been paying any attention to the media at all in the past month, you cannot help but have noticed how the topic of UFO’s (or UAP’s) has crept in everywhere. It’s not just being reported by The National Enquirer anymore – this is showing on on MAJOR news networks every single day now. The orchestration is well underway, and if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe someone with a lot more clout that I’ll ever have: Dr. Steven Greer.

15 minutes ago, Dr. Greer did an unscheduled live broadcast on YouTube regarding the topic of disclosure and the false flag initiative. I am not going to regurgitate what was covered in that video, but I am asking that you watch it. It’s 30 minutes long, and supports many of the things that I have been talking about.

The first part of the video talks about some folks that you may or may not be familiar with – if you are unsure who Dr. Greer is referring to, you may want to look up Dr. Daniel Sheehan, Luis Elizondo, and Nick Pope (the latter two being heavy-hitters in the disinformation campaign). However, your understanding of who these men are is not as important as the message itself.

At timestamp 8:25, the meat and potatoes of the message itself begins. If you don’t have 30 minutes to put into watching this video, you can certainly start there and still absorb the important points.

I am not putting this post out because I want to validate what I wrote in April – I’m putting it out because this HAS to be a grassroots movement, generated by the people for the people – it has the potential to be disastrous otherwise. PLEASE take the time to watch this video, and then view everything that is currently being reported in the mainstream media through the lens of Dr. Greer’s message.

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