Climbing Out of the Maelstrom, Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about who’s actually responsible for the mess that our society – and our world – is in. We also talked about how the solution, hard as it may be, is disengagement from societal “issues”, and the resultant reclamation of our individual power. When each of us reclaims our power, we…

Climbing Out of the Maelstrom

I want to ask you a question … Where do you think the responsibility lies for the mess that our society – and our world – is in at this moment? The Democrats? The Republicans? Immigrants? China? BLM? White Supremacy? Religions? Russia? Environmentalists? Big Oil? Big Pharma? The Pentagon? The White House? Mainstream media? The…

Jack & Maggie

Maggie is a on a path of perilous awakening, and Jack is her ward. Neither of them are quite what they seem. When Maggie dreams, she journeys to places unbound by space & time. During the dream-state, her teachers from distant galaxies & multiple dimensions bestow Maggie with knowledge and wisdom in preparation for fulfilling her purpose. She will become a Seer, ultimately leading others to their own awakening, but there are those who want her gone, and Jack will stop at nothing to protect her.

The Energetics of Magnetic Anomalies

The high strangeness of resonating with certain locations (and not others) I was born in Waynesboro (Va) and spent a large portion of my life in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains just north of there, in Augusta county. My parents began buying tracts of mountainous property near Harriston when they were in their…


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Hi! I’m Shea, founder of We Own The Light and The BioEnergetics Academy. I am an energy worker, energetic dowser, and a tireless explorer of all the fascinating mysteries that our universe has to offer.

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