Climbing Out of the Maelstrom

I want to ask you a question … Where do you think the responsibility lies for the mess that our society – and our world – is in at this moment?

The Democrats? The Republicans? Immigrants? China? BLM? White Supremacy? Religions? Russia? Environmentalists? Big Oil? Big Pharma? The Pentagon? The White House? Mainstream media? The elite and filthy rich? The Military-Industrial complex? Reptilians? MK Ultra?

I could fill this entire blog with the names of individuals, corporations, organizations, religions, and governments who are being blamed by somebody, somewhere. Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you, as if there has been an explosion of reasons to argue? There’s something for EVERYONE at this shopping mall – religion, politics, conspiracies, supremacy, racism, hate … come one, come all! You won’t leave empty handed!

The finger-pointing has reached record levels. The whole world is beginning to resemble a fifth-grade class when the teacher asks who wrote the dirty word on the blackboard (oops – forgot what time we’re in … I meant Smart Board).

Everybody has a cause – there’s haters and anti-haters to combat them. There’s a protest for everything, and other protests to protest the original protest. People are forming opinions and beliefs based on their preferred news delivery system and diluted (& biased) information on social media, and then fighting endlessly over their perceived differences. Everyone feels justified in their position, because others that they identify with hold the same position, and therefore, as a group, they defend it vehemently.

And I can’t even elaborate about the BIG ONE – the “C” word – here, because if I say anything that would be considered “disinformation” by the free speech police, this blog would get pulled and I would get added to yet another watchlist. Wahoo! I’m sure there will be nothing in my stocking at Christmas this year except for a lump of coal embedded with a 5G transmitter and maybe, if I keep misbehaving, a little something extra special.

The division is staggering, as is the negativity.

Even those who think of themselves as “doing the right thing” – take the “anti-haters” as an example – are still contributing to the negativity. They hate the haters. You picking up what I’m putting down here?

I’ve been watching this build for a long time, but it’s gone into overdrive since 2019.

And when I say “watching”, that’s exactly what I mean. I don’t get involved in any of it, which I am sure I will get criticized for. Some will be aghast at the fact that I don’t have a “cause” or a “party” or a burning desire to protest and argue about “injustices”, believing my position to be one of complacency and cowardice.

To the contrary, to stand alone and observe, to not be swayed, to have the wherewithal to witness without acting is a much more difficult place to occupy than the (perceived) safety of joining a herd.

Any why would I do this, when there is such a level of bad shit going on? Why wouldn’t I pick a side and rally, increasing the strength of my chosen fold, and buoying their chance of “winning”?

Because there IS no “winning”, that’s why.

Let’s go a little deeper into the madness … after you get past the millions who have made their decisions about what’s “right”, taken up their cause, and are rabidly defending it, there’s another group, the “I wanna know the truth” crowd.

And not only do they want to “know the truth” about who did what, they want JUSTICE.

A commendable goal, until you realize that the “truth” will never be know about most of the issues targeted by these folks.

They want to know who’s REALLY responsible for child trafficking, baby sacrificing, the New World Order, where the BIG C originated, what’s really in those syringes, who’s hand is up which politician’s ass, what the Illuminati were (and are) actually up to, what’s in the chemtrails (and who put it there), which Hollywood stars are dancing with the devil, what’s under Antarctica, where Hitler went, whether or not those are really sesame seeds on the bun or nanobots, and so forth and so on.

These people are pissed, they want the answers, and they want those responsible strung up. Can’t say I blame them, in theory.

The problem comes when you realize that, just as there is no “winning”, there is also no “truth” at this level.

The key phrase is “at this level”.

And what is “this level”?

“This level” is the level where things are visible, where we are given “causes” and “injustices” to rage about, and other people to rage against. It’s akin to roosters in a ring. They only have eyes for each other, and NEVER THE PEOPLE THAT PUT THEM THERE.

Yes, someone has put you in this ring. They led you here by dividing and subdividing controversial “issues” until they finally hit on one that got you where you live, and you willingly jumped into the ring to fight about it. They unsnapped the leash, smiled smugly, and high-fived the other guy who was bringing your opponent in. Money and mirth are equally exchanged as the handlers watch the destruction fueled by the set-up.

So who are the Handlers?

I can tell you who they are NOT – they’re not the Clintons, Donald Trump, the Pope, the CDC, Exxon, a lab in Wuhan, Joe Biden, or your immigrant neighbor. They’re not Tom Hanks, the Cuomo brothers or Fox News. They’re not Al Qaeda, the Army, or Moderna.

Think of a pyramid so large that the apex is above the clouds. We – the people – are at the base. Above us are the politicians, religious leaders, and others constantly visible to the people. They are the fodder for our fights.

The next level above that one is where those “less visible” live. They are the “Handlers”, the ones stirring the pot and leading us into the ring. They don’t identify with any particular political group or other “cause” because they know none of that actually matters – what counts is our PERCEPTION that those things matter. We don’t normally see them, because we are too focused on the other roosters in the ring as we fight. However, they’re visible if we break our concentration long enough to look up.

Above the handlers are what I call “The Few”. The Few occupy the pyramid one level below the apex. They are incredibly powerful individuals who have direct control over everything below, and their numbers are small. Some of these people are known in name only, some are virtually nameless, and that’s just the way they want it.

Above The Few is the apex, which is situated above the clouds. Those occupying this space are not visible, and their number could probably be counted on one hand (if that). These are the actual Puppet Masters.

If you’re still with me, your next logical thought may be “well, who are they, and how in the hell do we stop them?”.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter WHO they are. It makes not one bit of difference, and you need to make peace with that fact if you have any hope of dragging yourself up out of this life-sucking maelstrom that we’re in. It also doesn’t matter who “The Few” or the “Handlers” are.

If your hackles are rising at my suggestion that it “doesn’t matter”, because you feel that these people need to be identified and “brought to justice”, that is a reasonable position to take, but it will not get you anywhere. By getting indignant and making a vow to ferret them out and “bring them to justice”, you are dong EXACTLY what “they” want you to do.

On this physical plane and in these physical bodies that we currently occupy, we are subject to the boundaries of perceived “time” and limited energy. If you are expending all of your precious time and energy on trying to identify “who’s responsible” and see that “justice” is done, you are only getting sucked further into the maelstrom rather than climbing out of it. Before you know it, your time here will be up, and the same shit will still be going on. There might be different names and faces in the cast of characters, but trust me – it will be EXACTLY the same play up on the marquee.

So let me ask another question … what would happen if all the roosters in the ring, in the cages, and even those still young enough to be peeking out onto the world from beneath their mother’s breast feathers just said “nope, ain’t gonna do it anymore” and turned their backs on the Handlers?

Chaos would ensue for those above the base of “the people”. The Handlers would panic as their control dissipated like dust. The Few would writhe and howl as their power and fortunes dissolved with no one to keep feeding the coffers. The Puppet Masters would be exposed as the protective layers below them crumbled.

Disengagement. That’s the magic word.

Disengagement allows one to be IN the world but not OF the world. It enables one to witness and observe without reacting. It allows one to see with better eyes. It allows one to love in the face of horror.

If you want to know the truth of who the manipulators are and you want to stop them, then disengage.

Refusing to play the game is the ONLY means by which to stop them because it strips them of their power. They only obtain that power because the PEOPLE give it to them. You give it to them by choosing sides, by choosing to fight and bicker, and by choosing to lower your vibration to that level.

For fuck’s sake people, take it back.

Will it be easy? Of course not.

Will awful things continue to happen? Absolutely. But they are going to happen whether you are raging against them or not. If raging was the answer, we would have eradicated the horrors of this world long ago.

It reminds me of the magazine that you see at nearly every grocery store checkout line – “Woman’s Day”. I was standing in line a few years ago and glanced over to see the cover for that week proclaiming “Drop 7 Pounds in 7 Days!”

With a start, I realized that I had been looking at the cover of that magazine in grocery store lines since I was a child, and that for more than four decades, week after week, the cover always proclaimed a new diet plan that worked.

Now I ask ya – if ANY of them actually worked, why would there be a need for a new one every week?

There’s a new one every week because the women who stand in those lines feeling “less than” because of their body shape or size have been manipulated into feeling that way, and that magazine promises a solution to their perceived “problem”.

A “diet” is not the solution. The solution is to change the way society focuses on the physical body, but that doesn’t generate power or money for those levels above “the people”. And I’m not just talking about the editors of a magazine packed with drivel.

Think about it. REALLY think about it. If women are made to feel that their bodies are not acceptable, what happens? They develop eating disorders and depression. They seek out specialized clothing to “hide their flaws”. They book liposuction appointments or face lifts. They take pills, drink shakes, and eat fake food. They buy gym memberships, and when they don’t have the nerve to go, they buy videos and exercise gadgets to use at home. Who benefits from this? The medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the clothing industry, the chemical industry, the manufacturing industry, and the food industry, just to name a few.

However, if women retained their power from the start, it, along with their money, would not be transferred to these industries nor the people who control them. That is a death sentence for the manipulators.

The whole thing – just for this one example – is like a plate of spaghetti, all tangled up and nearly impossible to unravel. Can you imagine how much more complicated it gets for some of the more prominent “issues”?

This is a simplified representation of the overarching issue, but the bottom line is this: the manipulators prey upon the masses. They create a “crisis” or a “problem” and then – TA-DAH! – a “solution” magically appears.

Except the “problem” really isn’t a problem, and the “solution” isn’t really a solution. It’s all manipulation. It’s psychological warfare guaranteed to continually rob the people of their power AND their money.

And here’s another key point: we – the people – outnumber The Handlers, The Few, and The Puppet Masters by hundreds of thousands (if not a million) to ONE.

The ONE cannot control the many unless the many allow it.

So I ask you again – Where do you think the responsibility lies for the mess that our society – and our world – is in at this moment?

The answer is an unpleasant one – it lies with US – the people, and as such, we are the only ones that can set things right.


How? How do we not rage over child abuse? How do we not stand with a political party that we believe in? How do we not protest senseless violence and death? How do we not become sick at the sight of torture? How do we not argue and hate those whose views are in opposition to our own?

Hard questions.

But there is a way, and the swiftness with which things change lies wholly with the individual.

Continued in “Climbing Out of the Maelstrom, Part 2”, coming up …