The Energetic Dowsing Series, Part 1

Becoming a Life-Long Dowser

Tools of the trade

I can’t remember the first time I held a set of dowsing rods in my hands, but I was a teenager at the time, so roughly 35 years have passed. I also can’t remember how I was introduced to dowsing or what I may have been looking for when I decided to I wanted to try it. What I do know is that I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how it would gradually become a huge part of my life.

In my teens and twenties, my understanding of dowsing was so limited that I am ashamed to even talk about it. I knew that it was a skill used to locate water and lost objects. I knew it was cool and fun and made for impressive parlor tricks when in the company of folks that knew even less than I did. However, I was also mystified at how the whole process worked and could never quite figure it out to my satisfaction.

My mom was also a dowser, and her dabbling pretty much paralleled my own during the same time period. Oddly enough, it was my dad that turned it into something serious in the ’90’s. I’m not sure how it came about (need to ask him about that), but he started “witching wells” for people and was very successful at it, earning a respectable reputation for himself because of his abilities and accuracy.

The one thing that always struck me about my dad’s description of the process was that, in addition to the readings he would get with his copper rods, he said that he could also feel the response at the base of his spine. His descriptions of it definitely conveyed that he did not enjoy the sensation. At the time, this was a mystery to me. Now I know this was most likely the stirring of powerful energy, what many would call “Kundalini”.

Around 2006, my mom discovered Joey Korn, who had taken the art of dowsing to a whole new level. She attended one of Joey’s workshops, and came to my house immediately afterward, hyper as a buzzsaw. As she breathlessly tried to explain the information she had acquired, I struggled to understand what in the world she was even talking about. She drew vague geometric shapes in the air and babbled about relocating ant hills with just intent and working with what she kept referring to as “lines”. I know my eyes probably glazed over at some point, because none of it made one bit of sense.

She gave me some info on Joey and asked me to look into his work. She wanted to know my thoughts on what he was doing. In the back of my mind, I was already forming an opinion – I thought the entire thing sounded nuts, so I drug my feet for a good while. I wasn’t interested in looking up Joey Korn because I had pretty much decided he was a kook. However, my mom isn’t anything if not persistent, and after a few months, I gave in and promised to check out his website to appease her.

When I landed on Joey’s home page, I was surprised to find a picture of a very kind and down to earth looking man. He certainly didn’t look like a shyster, and his wife Jill looked just as kind and humble as her husband. Despite myself, I immediately took a liking to both of them from just looking at their picture.

Then I started to peruse the info on the website. At the time, which was 15 years ago, the information was much more limited than it is today, but there was still enough for me to gain a grasp of what this couple was up to, which was rather extraordinary. It seemed as though Joey had cracked the code of dowsing and had developed an understanding of how it worked. Not only that, he had, over many years of trial and error, identified energetic patterns associated with all sorts of stuff, including people, houses, underground streams, and trees, and how to work with them.

As I read the information, some of what my mom kept going on about began to make sense. It had never occurred to me that ALL dowsing reactions were based on energy. I had always assumed if you asked to be shown water or a septic field or your lost car keys, the rods were reacting to the physical presence of the thing you were looking for. Evidently, according to Joey, this was not the case. Dowsing was all about energy, and that piqued my interest pretty damned quick.

I told my mom that I was intrigued once I understood the concept, and it wasn’t long before she proposed that we take a trip to Georgia and learn energetic dowsing alongside Joey. She told me that Joey and Jill held “gourmet dowsing retreats” at their home, where participants would reside with them for a week-long intensive to learn this interesting skillset. I agreed to go, and set about figuring out how to save up the money for my spot.

Four months later, we arrived on Joey and Jill’s doorstep along with five or six other people, and were welcomed into their home as if we were family. After getting settled and meeting one another, the first task was a surprise – we were all asked to sit around the large dining room table and tell Jill what our favorite foods were, along with what we didn’t like, what sensitivities we may have, and what special dietary needs there were.

Early the next morning, as we began our education with Joey, Jill quietly slipped out of the house on a mission. A few hours later, she returned with her vehicle packed to capacity with everything we had requested the night before. During that week, what I learned from Joey would catapult my dowsing work light years beyond my expectations, but Jill’s ability to prepare three fresh, home cooked, gourmet meals for all of us every single day was nothing short of miraculous. And to his credit, even after teaching us all day, Joey was often alongside his wife in the kitchen, helping to prepare our next round of delicious sustenance. All these years later, I am still in awe of both of these wonderful people.

If you are familiar with Joey, you will see many of his techniques, words, and wisdom peeking through my own style and method of energetic dowsing. What I learned from him formed the foundation of the dowser I am today. I still have every page of notes from that week in Georgia, along with all of the handouts and every scrap of information that Joey bestowed upon us. I also have very fond memories of the shared meals, the coffee pot that never ran dry, the thrill of learning to dowse the energy of a tree in the yard, and the stories that Joey and Jill shared with us in the evenings.

I returned from Georgia with a lot more than new knowledge; I also came back with a blank slate of possibility. Joey, being the humble and awesome person he is, sent us out into the world with free rein. He encouraged us to take what we had learned and build upon it. When I left there, I took Joey’s words to heart, and have continually pushed the boundaries of dowsing potential ever since.

Since studying with Joey, I have learned how to use energetic dowsing for purposes that I never dreamed of. Once a month from April through October, We Own the Light hosts CE5 outings for anyone who would like to attend. If you’re not familiar with “CE5”, it stands for “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” and is essentially human-initiated attempts at contact with extraterrestrial/interdimensional civilizations. On these evenings, we travel to a remote location and spend most of the night working toward this goal (often with amazing results).

However, a few days before our scheduled evening under the stars, I will visit the location and dowse for “lines of energy conducive to, and supportive of, making contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional life”. Invariably, there are always three or more lines which traverse the site in such a way that they converge in at least one location, forming a vortex of energy. Once I locate this vortex, I know that’s the place for our group to sit on the night of our CE5 event in order to maximize our attempts at contact, and I will mark it discreetly with a stone or stick.

On the evening of the event, I will hand out dowsing rods to anyone who is interested in identifying these lines for themselves and set the participants about the task of finding them by using the same words I had used a few days earlier. Amazingly enough, these folks will always find the same lines that I did, and will locate the vortex with no trouble, even if they had never held a pair of dowsing rods before. Every time we do this exercise, I always have people tell me that they had no idea you could use dowsing for such a thing, and they usually want to learn more, which positively makes my heart sing.

I learned to Remote View a few years ago and naturally wondered if this skill could be merged with my dowsing work. I assumed it could, because one of the skills that Joey taught us was how to pull an energy pattern from anywhere in the world into our own space for the purpose of dowsing the lines and gaining information about the location. Many times, this is done at the request of a client who is experiencing illness or discord or trauma, and they want to understand how the energy of their space is supporting (or even causing) their troubles. In my mind, for all intents and purposes, this was already a form of “remote viewing”, but Joey only taught us how to access energetic information in “real time”, and I wanted to see if I could access it at other points in space/time, such as the past and the future.

It took a lot of experimentation, but I came up with a method for doing this. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll already know that I am a dedicated rockhound, and that my favorite stones are blue quartz and kyanite. I decided that I would incorporate blue quartz into my experiment because it is the stone which I am the most connected with. Here’s what I did:

I numbered 20 popsicle sticks and laid them out on a table, face down, in random order. I then asked to be shown the stick which was encapsulated with the amplified energy of blue quartz. When I got a reaction from the dowsing rods, I turned the stick over and noted the number which was written on it. I then put the stick into a paper bag along with the others and set it aside.

The following day, without looking, I drew a stick from the bag and placed a piece of blue quartz directly on top of it. I also laid a piece of clear quartz on top of the blue quartz and asked for the clear quartz to amplify the energetic pattern of the blue quartz so that I could easily identify the energy on that exact stick in my dowsing work the previous day. If my experiment worked, I would find that I had pulled the exact same stick from the bag as the one that I got a dowsing reaction for on the day before.

If that’s a bit confusing, it’s understandable, because essentially what I did was to dowse for something on the first day which hadn’t even happened yet. On the second day, I set up a “feedback loop” that would be identifiable in the past (the first day) by placing the blue and clear quartz pieces on the numbered stick. Since all points in space and time are accessible from all other points in space and time, all I did on the first day was to access the information created when I placed the two pieces of quartz upon the numbered stick on the second day.

So did it work? Let’s put it this way – it worked well enough that detailed information on this experiment will be provided in a separate post (and in my new book – The Magic of You, Volume 1 – Energetic Dowsing) so that anyone who is interested can try it out for themselves.

When I started my dowsing journey more than 35 years ago, I had no idea that I would one day be accessing information about far away places or even different points in space and time. I had no clue that I would be creating energetic maps or using my skills to amplify the potential for contact with off-world beings. I never dreamed that I would be manufacturing my own brand of dowsing rods or teaching others all about the amazing things I have learned.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my mom for relentlessly insisting that I check out what Joey Korn was up to all those years ago, and also to Joey and Jill, who not only shared their knowledge, but gave me the encouragement to reach beyond what was believed to be possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

(If you are interested in learning more about Joey and Jill Korn, please click here).