The Bigfoot project

The backstory:

In August of 2020, I had an unexpected encounter with what appeared to be a group of Sasquatch in a remote area in Central Virginia. I did not go to the location in search of them – I was there for a CE5 session, and I was alone, except for my dog Jack.

What transpired was amazing and included “whoops”, “trilling”, wood-knocking, pulsing greenish lights in the trees and an energetic anomaly which came out of the ground beside my chair as something about the size of a quarter and then grew into a “wing” shape that was 60-80 times larger. I also caught at least one large, upright figure on film (you can see all of this here).

The experience and interactions lasted approximately 45 minutes, and while these beings were fairly close (approximately 200′) and appeared to be watching me, they exhibited absolutely no aggression, and at no time was I the least bit fearful of them. My reaction to their presence was a combination of wonder, excitement, and gratitude.

Following this experience, I returned to the area many times for the sole purpose of continuing contact with them, if they were interested in reciprocating. I set up multiple gifting sites and was given gifts in return, which I took as a sign of their willingness to communicate.

As this unfolded over the course of about 6 weeks, I grew more and more interested in them, and decided to expand my interactions with them into something with a more regular and predictable schedule. Thus, “The Bigfoot Project” was born.

The Project essentially consists of an eight week period in which I will be returning to the location of first contact one night a week for two months, in an attempt to develop my interactions with them into something deeper. I can’t say what that might be, because I have no idea at this point. However, my instincts are telling me that this is something that I need to do, so I will give it my all.

And, as a side note, I never really liked the comic book feel of the term “Bigfoot” – it seemed somehow disrespectful to call such amazing beings something so trite, so I routinely used the work “Sasquatch” instead, but didn’t really like that one either. I have since learned to call them “Kitchi Sabe” or just simply “Sabe”, which fits much better. However, in order for people interested in discovering the truth about these beings to be able to find the information I am sharing, I use the word “Bigfoot” in all posted material. It chafes me to do so, but it is, unfortunately, the most commonly used term, and therefore, the one which will make this information the easiest to find.

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